Call for Community Ambassadors!

ZKFair is now recruiting global community ambassadors!

ZKFair is the first Mainnet L2 based on Polygon CDK & Celestia DA, powered by Lumoz's ZK-RaaS. In 6 days, our TVL has surpassed an amazing 123M and making a remarkable mark in the history of Ethereum Layer 2.

To further expand the global impact of ZKFair and to provide the community with a better understanding of ZKFair, we are excited to launch the ZKFair Global Ambassador Program and invite talented individuals to join us in building the ZKFair community, taking steps towards our goal of making ZKFair into a 10 billion-dollar project.

Are you the one?

Some skills that we are looking for:

  • Mods: We are giving priority to recruiting channel moderators for Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, French, Arabic, Turkish, Korean, and Spanish. We are looking for individuals familiar with ZKFair products and branding, capable of effectively managing channels, addressing beginners' questions, fostering a positive channel atmosphere, staying updated on the latest official news, performing ambassador duties, inviting more members to join Discord and explore official products, and handling customer service-related issues.

  • Translating: Proficient in English and capable of translating English content into other languages.

  • Writing: Creating content to enhance people's understanding of ZKFair. This can take various forms, from engaging videos and informative articles to detailed tutorials, pictures and more.

And more, as long as you believe you are the right person, we would love to give you a shot!

Registration process:

  1. Fill out the online application form, including personal details, experience, community involvement, etc. We will screen and review all applications, then inform those who meet the requirements to participate in the next interview via email or private message.

Link to apply:

2. Once you pass the screening and become a ZKFair community ambassador, we will invite you into the ambassador community where you will need to:

Pick up admin tasks and proactively contribute to the ZKFair community based on your strengths.

After undertaking specific tasks, discuss your task ideas with the admin, especially for design, content, and video production tasks, to avoid inefficiency and misunderstandings.

Benefits of becoming a ZKFair community ambassador:

Ambassadors who successfully complete tasks assigned by ZKFair will be rewarded with $ZKF tokens. Different tasks will carry different token rewards. Apply now and let's work together to build a stronger ZKFair community!

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