ZKFair's Gas Fee Airdrop Community Guide: The Countdown Begins!

This article will comprehensively explain the details of the gas fee airdrop and guide ordinary users on how to participate and earn rewards. ZKFair is the first L2 network based on Polygon ZK and Celestia DA, with computing power provided by Lumoz, No Investors, No Reserve, No Pre-mining, ensuring absolute fairness.

To safeguard the interests of community users, we have implemented certain measures, encouraging more users to participate and receive their fair share. Everyone can obtain equal opportunities to receive the airdrop.

The ZKFair gas fee airdrop will launch on December 23 at 11:00 AM (UTC+8), with a cap of $3 million USDC, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Now ZKFair mainnet supports different bridges. In order to prevent transaction congestion during the event, we recommend users to bridge USDC to ZKFair mainnet in advance.


  • The event begins promptly at 11:00 AM (UTC+8) on December 23. Once the $3 million cap is reached, the event concludes immediately. Users can track the progress on the ZKFair website.

  • To encourage more participation from regular users, we have implemented certain restrictions on transaction frequency. Additionally, there will be a transaction fee cap per transaction, and the specific cap will be displayed directly on the official website event page before the start of the event.

  • After the event, 7.5 billion ZKF Tokens will be distributed based on the proportion of gas fees consumed by each address. Users can check the distribution on the dashboard after the event concludes.

  • Following the event, ZKFair will conduct data analysis, and approximately 24 hours later, all airdrop claims will be open, including the 25% community airdrop portion. At that time, ZKF tokens will be fully circulating (except for the 5% portion, which will be claimable after ZKFair supports the BTC ecosystem).

Suggested Preparation:

  1. Deposit USDC into ZKFair using the cross-chain bridge. The official Rollup bridge is now live, as well as third-party bridges such as Orbiter Finance, Meson, Owlto finance and others.

    Cross-chain tutorial: https://docs.zkfair.io/users/user-guide/tutorials/how-to-deposit-your-assets-from-ethereum-to-zkfair

  2. Set transaction fees. Since there is a fee cap per transaction, users who want to maximize gas consumption need to manually set the transaction fees to the maximum. Users can choose different methods to consume gas.

    Refer to the tutorial for details:https://docs.zkfair.io/users/user-guide/tutorials/how-to-enter-gas-fee-airdrop

  3. Familiarize yourself with all operations and features on ZKFair to ensure a seamless experience.

  4. Get a good sleep!

Get ready for an exhilarating journey as we count down to ZKFair's Gas Fee Airdrop! Your participation is key to shaping this groundbreaking event. Stay tuned for updates, and let's embark on this exciting adventure together. See you on December 23!

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