Dragon Slayer Novice's Adventure Handbook

ZKFair teams up with Lumoz to launch the first large-scale gamified ecosystem event "Lumoz X ZKFair Mega Campaign - Dragon Slayer". https://dragon-slayer.zkfair.io/

As the first large-scale ecosystem event in the industry conducted in the form of GameFi, we are committed to revolutionizing the user experience of all previous activities, allowing the community to truly participate in the game with zero barriers while receiving generous rewards. The event will last for approximately 36 days and will be divided into 3 major stages, each with different themes, tasks, and gameplay, with rewards escalating as the stages progress. The first stage features comprehensive support from 24 renowned projects in the industry, including Bitget Cex, Orbiter Finance, Kima Network, Range Protocol, Nomis, among others.

Warriors, are you ready to embark on this journey?

This article will provide detailed explanations of the event content, with stage details continuously updated.

Event Description:

Number of Stages: 3 stages, each introducing new gameplay and significantly increased rewards.

Stage Features:

  1. Challenge Boss: Each stage features a specific Boss that users need to collaborate to challenge.

  2. Diverse Tasks: Each stage has different tasks, and users must complete these tasks to damage the Boss.

  3. Reward Assessment: The window for users to challenge the Boss in each stage is 1 week, with different Bosses having different health levels. Each successful reduction of a certain percentage of Boss health (e.g., 25%, 50%, 75%, defeat) will significantly upgrade the reward pool. Final rewards will be based on the proportion of damage inflicted on the Boss by each user.

  4. Task and Damage Relationship: Completing different tasks will cause different damage to the Boss.

  5. Viewing Data: Users can view their performance and final rewards for each stage in the event landing page.

Event Process:

  1. Registration and Tasks: Users need to register to participate in the activity before the start of each stage. Once the required number of registrations for each stage is reached, there will be a 24-hour countdown, during which users can still complete tasks and register. After the countdown ends, registration will be closed. Users who have not successfully registered can only participate in the challenge by using invitation codes from other registered users. Each successfully registered user will receive 5 invitation codes.

  2. Stage Challenge: Once the stage begins, users start challenging the Boss and strive to inflict as much damage as possible within one week. The more damage inflicted, the greater the rewards.

  3. Continuous Challenges: The entire event lasts for approximately 36 days, and users can participate in the challenges of all three stages to win more rewards.

  4. In addition to the basic rewards, users who participate in Boss challenges will have the opportunity to receive ranking rewards.

Stage One - Sail:

Stage one will officially open for registration at 11:00 AM (UTC+8) on March 8th.

Event Links:https://dragon-slayer.zkfair.io/

Minimum number of registrations required to open the stage: 3000. Once this number is reached, a 24-hour countdown to stage opening will commence. During this period, users can continue to complete tasks and register. After the countdown, registration will be closed, and only external users invited by other registered users can participate in the challenge using invitation codes. Each successfully registered user will receive 5 invitation codes.

Stage One Registration Tasks:

Registration Link: https://galxe.com/Lumoz/campaign/GCm5Bt4qn8

Initial Reward for Stage One Boss Challenge: 2.5M Lumoz points + 5000 USDC Prize Pool:

  • Inflict 25% Boss health damage: Reward increased by 10% from the initial reward (2.75M Lumoz points + 5500 USDC prize pool)

  • Inflict 50% health damage: Reward increased by 30% from the initial reward (3.25M Lumoz points + 6500 USDC prize pool)

  • Inflict 75% health damage: Reward increased by 60% from the initial reward (4M Lumoz points + 8000 USDC prize pool)

  • Defeat Boss: Reward doubled from the initial reward (5M Lumoz points + 10000 USDC prize pool)

Personal Damage Leaderboard (real-time display): The top 500 users on the leaderboard will each receive a $4 gift card provided by SPACE ID.

Invitation Leaderboard (calculated after completing stage one): Users who successfully register will receive 5 invitation codes to invite other unregistered users to participate in the event. The additional 2,000 USDC reward will be distributed to the top 500 users based on the combined damage inflicted by both the invitees and the inviter.

Task Tutorials:

Bitget Cex / Orbiter Finance / Kima Network / Range Protocol / Nomis Protocol / SpaceID / Element / StakeStone / Owlto Finance / FBBank / BunnyFi / GoPlus / Fairstake / Easy3 / ZkFairy / Ivy Marker / Quaere / Wow Exchange / zkDX / Xhype / HyperionX / Heroic Traveler / OmniBTC / PunkDomains

Important Notes:

  1. In this event, the points earned by users on Galxe for completing tasks represent damage, which differs from previous points. The final points earned in this event will be based on the data displayed on the event landing page.

  2. Data on Lumoz points from previous Galxe events will be temporarily hidden and will be updated and included once this event is completed.

  3. ZKFair & Lumoz reserve the right of final interpretation of the event.

Stage Two:

Details will be announced later.

Stage Three:

Details will be announced later.

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