Web3 Real Estate Landscape

There are a a lot of real estate projects in web3 real estate industry, so we create the landscape.


Of course we hope that you get interested in ZOFUKU project, but this landscape is intended to understand the real estate web3 market systematically and widely.

The demand for NFT art is increasing, and digital art is becoming familiar to us around the world. After digital art, services that link NFT with real assets and the real world will emerge. In particular, the use of blockchain technology and NFTs in the real estate field has been a dream since the birth of ERC721. In fact, the use of blockchain has been researched from early on in the security field, and it can be said that it is now the most developed area in the web3 real estate field. The fields of real estate and blockchain utilization and real estate and smart contract utilization are still under development. We hope this map will help you to challenge yourself in new territory.

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Web3 Real Estate Landscape

Criteria for selection

We look up web3 real estate project on Twitter and Google, so our criteria for the selection is;

  • Able to understand what the project is on website, Twitter or Document.
  • The project that is managed by DAO community or that blockchain technology is used in real estate industry.


Investment project

Securities/Fractional ownership

  • The project target customer is investor
  • Marketplace and sales for fractional ownership/securities
  • The project that is focus on real estate investment

Using DeFi

  • User able to provide or earn any token to liquidity pool on DeFi. The token value is backed by real estate
  • Except projects that they just use DEX for selling governance token or utility token.

DAO Community

Development/Title Ownership

  • The project aim to develop real estate and use it with community. DAO(company) have a title ownership or DAO(community) have a possessory rights

Management of service

  • DAO exist for management of real estate service
  • DAO member is able to join management of service
  • Not necessary DAO have title ownership. DAO earns money from Airbnb, hotel or lease management.

Real estate transaction

  • The project that aim to complete real estate transaction using smart contract and blockchain.

Digital twin

  • The project that connect metaverse with real world assets

Platform/SaaS/L1 Blockchain

  • Providing blockchain solution, SaaS and platform for real assets.


  • The project that focus on finance like a fundraising with crypto using real assets

*Since real estate is often a domestic business, we tend to miss projects in other countries. If you have any corrections or projects we should add, please let us know.

Thank you for your corporation @ryujino1109 and @Akeyra23

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