August 2nd, 2022

With Ethereum mainnet gas fees going as low as 4gwei, opportunities abound. Protocols and services that were out of reach for the regular guy because of high gas fees can now be accessed. Defi protocols, quests and bounties and many more can now be taken advantage of by small scale investors (shrimps).

This also opened up opportunities for more users to get into ENS (Ethereum Name Service), this was perhaps what accounted for the high trading volume in July 2022. I want to talk to you today about and how to bulk register ENS domain names. is a cool service that makes your whole experience of purchasing/registering an ENS domain name very pleasant. They have an awesome website that is very intuitive and allows for minting multiple ENS domain names at the same to save on gas.

Here are the steps for bulk registration.

1. Go to the site

2. Connect your MM wallet

3. Make sure it is on Ethereum mainnet

4. Search for the desired name

5. Click on ‘Add to Bulkreg’

6. Search for other names and repeat step 5

7. Then click on the Bulkreg icon on the top right corner to checkout

8. Then you register your domain names

9. Done

It is as easy as that. Hope this article was helpful to all you degens.

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