SyncSwap is now live on testnet

We are so thrilled to announce that SyncSwap is now live on the zkSync 2.0 Goeril testnet, revealing the first chapter of our journey into the zkVerse.

If this is your first time exploring SyncSwap, you should read this article first.

What is testnet?

Testnet is used for testing and experimentation without risk to real funds or the main chain. zkSync 2.0 has currently launched a testnet but hasn’t launched its mainnet.

To deliver a well-optimized product at the first moment when the mainnet launches, SyncSwap will launch on the testnet first and will continue iterating and improving during the period.

Participate in Testing

We encourage everyone to participate in testing our testnet product! Simply open, connect your wallet and see what you can do.

For more information, you can reference our guide: Testnet: Get Started.

Join the Journey

SyncSwap is building a powerhouse among ZK communities. It’s the time to join us and be a builder!

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