June 22nd, 2022

Each and everyone has at least thought or wants to impact the world positively, though there are many things that frustrate us, we ultimately wish we can. We have concerns about the environment, climate, and the heat waves happening all over the world and you imagine if the blockchain transactions, tokens and coins you buy causes these. Well, we at Return protocol handle just that. Imagine impacting positively on your environment anytime you do a blockchain transaction?? And still earn money!! That is what Return does for you. Return Protocol is an environmentally offsetting process for on-chain wallets. It enables the mass adoption of climate finance in web3 to make blockchain transactions environmentally sustainable. For every transaction you do on blockchain Return protocol will offset (deducting some a percentage fee and giving to environmentally beneficial assets) which accelerates the process of a “greener cryptocurrency”.

Why is Return protocol important?

With the continuous growth of blockchain technology and its increase in popularity and use, then you think about the fact that the last decade was the hottest in 125,000 years and you wonder what can we do better? Our planet is on the “brink” of environmental crisis. Carbon dioxide is at its highest in 2 million years and they are all increasing drastically by human activities. Imagine the impact offsetting your blockchain transaction will have? You might be saving the world (add emoji) Transacting on blockchains can be energy-intensive but we are getting to the point In which we can’t deny the necessity and importance of blockchain technology, so as a result efficiencies develop, we need to enable environmental neutrality and the risk to our planet minimal whilst ensuring the sustainable continuance of blockchain tech. With the level of transparency web3 has, anybody can see a single transaction energy level, calculate its environmental impact and choose their tokenized offset based upon the actual environmental project it supports. Then purchase in accurate quantity themselves and ensure an offset is completed by burning it yourself. These are all very technical and stressful right?? All these are automated with Return Protocol.

Return Protocol has a lifetime funding of $12, 590 raised from all contributors