HeyBela Sessions

Heybela Sessions: Get ready for the rise of the new superstars!

Introducing Heybela Sessions, a fresh take on music creation fueled by the power of Web3. Heybela's unique vision combines her creative freedom with the financial support of her fans around the world. Her goal is to create a solid movement willing to change the rules and impact the world through her music.

The birth of Heybela as an artist owes a lot to Web3, because it showed me a different way of doing things, it opened a door for me that i didn't know existed.

It has been exciting to walk this path, connecting with so many people who, like me, are fans of music and the whole process that goes into creating a song.

I have found incredible talents in this space, who have reaffirmed to me the cultural impact that music has.

It's time for new superstars to be born thanks to this new paradigm: Web3 as a talent incubator.


I want to finance my first album as an artist through the sale of my NFTS.

I have always admired the movement once created on Soundcloud, where independent artists began to upload their music and make it an expansion of their identity, of their being.

The most exciting thing was to see how different artists and producers collaborated, amplifying the echo that their music generated, creating new sounds, and nurturing a community that simply wanted to listen and connect with genuine art.

I want to replicate that movement that once emerged on Soundcloud. Heybela's sessions will feature collaborations with different Web3 producers, creating a series of freestyles with different sounds that challenge me and showcase my versatility as an artist.

My mission is to impact the world through my music, create a community that shares my love for art, trusts my creativity and wants to support me.


What the Heybela Sessions manage to raise will be divided equally with each producer, since the idea is that they feel 100% part of the project.

My goal is to raise 2.5 ETH with my share of the proceeds, that I will use to finance the creation of my first album as an artist.

  • Album cover art

  • Creation of content

  • Voice recording

  • Mix and master

  • Studio hours

  • Per diems

  • Some videos if I can make the budget fit as much as possible

What to expect?

I´m going to show you through my music that I´m always reinventing myself and I have something to express to the world.

The top 5 collectors of each song will be on the Whitelist to collect the next freestyle at half price, and the top 1 collector of each HeyBela Session will be able to claim the next freestyle for free.

People who contributed to my crowdfund will be able to claim all 4 freestyles for free.

All the collectors of the #HeybelaSessions will have access to exclusive content from the creation of my album and will be able to enter my Telegram Collectors group.

The winner of the golden egg will be able to access the stems of the song and make their own remix.

Each collector of the #HeybelaSessions will be contributing to the beginning of my career as an artist, and will always have an important place in my memory and heart.

Join the movement and be a part of Heybela's journey to stardom. With your support, we're facing a new generation of great artists, and Heybela is leading the way.

Thank you for your support!

Session _ 001 Bela x ¿? : March 23
Session _ 002 Bela x ¿?: March 29
Session _ 003 Bela x ¿? (first producers I bring from web2 to web3): April 5
Session _ 004 Bela x ¿? : April 12

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