The total of the Heybela tokens will represent 100% of the album master for one year. The percentage of royalties from the master that each backer has will correspond to the amount of Heybela tokens that they own, which they can exchange after a year through a smart contract for the funds that the master has collected during that year.The backer will be able to make this exchange for one year after the creation of the smart contract, if after this period any backer has not made this exchange, we will change the functionality of HEYBELA tokens and activate them as a payment method for HEYBELA NFTS only.

Be part of the best rap album in spanish made by a latin woman

Hi! I´m Heybela and I'm going to create a historic album for Rap in Spanish. I´m opening the doors of the project for you to be part of this incredible and innovative experience that combines sports, entertainment, NFTS, events, exclusive content, special roles in Discord and more; In this way i´m going to become the first latin artist to be born with Web3 and release her first album without a major record label. This is a milestone in every way! This crowdfund will allow me to make my art without pressure or expectations, dedicate myself to the creation of the album completely, generate a circular economy in my city and maintain my independent career while you have access to an incredible experience that i´ve designed with my heart, so that you will be part of my process from the beginning… have fun, connect through art and best of all: win with me. It's time to get your ticket… There are four categories and backers will receive a special edition ticket NFT based on their contribution tier.

Important information:

-Although Heybela is not an athlete, she´ll run 1 km for every 2.5 ETH contributed to the crowdfund. With this, she intends to show that with discipline and love everything is possible… She's going to train with a high-performance athlete and is going to overcome her mental limitations. If 50 ETH are exceeded, Heybela will divide the kilometers into two races. -We are going to make the album from scratch, so that backers are part of the creative process from the beginning. -We will donate some money to Coquena Foundation, dedicated to the rescue and recovery of animals, located in Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca - Colombia. Why Coquena?
-Most of the people who will participate in the creative and technical process of the following project will be local, since it seeks to encourage the social transformation of Medellín through music and art. To read more about the cultural transformation that Medellín has experienced click here.
-All the songs will be released and auctioned in the form of NFT in different music marketplaces.
-A snapshot of backers will be taken after crowdfund is closed. You´ll be able to claim a POAP which will give you future utilities.
-The crowdfound has a hard cap of 45 ETH.
-The crowdfund closes two months after being launched.

4 Editions

-All members of the crowdfunding will be able to vote when the artist submits something for the consideration of backers.

-Limited Edition NFTs will be airdropped to backers who fulfill certain missions that will be raised within the community at specific times once we finished "the plan"

-All NFTS grant you access to Heybela's Discord and a special role based on ticket tier.

-The tiers benefits are cumulative

Gold: Contribution of 0.11

-You´ll have access to all the exclusive content of the creation of the album and the training for the race which will be shown through Bonfire, where you can access with this NFT: live videos of the training sessions, photos, transmissions of musical sessions, previews in mp3, heybela's day-to-day content during the development of the project, and more.

Sapphire: Contribution of 0.5 ETH

-Gold benefits PLUS: -We will give you the video, recorded with the Gopro, of Heybela running the km in the form of NFT; -You will be able to access a listening session of the entire album, where you will be able to interact in real time and vote to choose your 5 favorite songs from the album; -You will be given a ticket in the form of NFT so that you can access to a pre-recorded concert of the 5 favorite songs of all the crowdfunding members (the songs will be chosen by vote, but in this vote only those who are Sapphire and up can participate).

Diamond: Contribution of 1 ETH

-Sapphire benefits PLUS:
-You will be given the pre-recorded concert video in the form of NFT after the concert ends.-You will get an NFT of an unreleased song by Heybela.

Rockstar: Contribution of 2 ETH

-Diamond benefits PLUS:
-You will have the option of attending a private party in Medellín, the musical capital of LATAM.
-You will be able to meet Heybela´s work team, and immerse yourself in the culture of one of the best cities in LATAM.
-You will be sent an exclusive T-shirt of the new heybela album.

4 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.

The plan

-August 18: Crowdfund goes live.

-Crowdfund ends two months after being launched.

-Snapshot is taken to claim POAPs.

-Backers claim their role on Heybela's Discord.

-Members who are Sapphire and up, receive their ticket to be able to access the pre-recorded concert when it's the time.

-Members who are Diamond and up receive an unreleased song by Heybela in the form of NFT.

-We donate money to the Coquena foundation.

-We pay the costs related to the explanatory content of the Crowdfund and everything that its planning and dissemination implied.

-2 weeks after the crowdfund closes we start the creation of the album.

-We start training to run the kilometers.

-All crowdfund members access to Bonfire where all exclusive content will be shared.

-5 months after the crowdfund closed we finished the album.

-We do a private listening session, to which members who are Sapphire and up will be able to attend and interact, where we will choose, by means of voting, the 5 best songs of the album to do the pre-recorded concert.

-3 weeks after choosing the 5 songs, the members who are Sapphire and up, access the premier room to attend the pre-recorded concert.

-Backers who are Diamond and up receive the pre-recorded concert video in the form of NFT after the concert ends.

-We run the kilometers ( kilometers depend on what we raise in the crowdfund).

-Backers who are Sapphire and up receive the video, recorded with the Gopro, of Heybela running the kilometers in the form of NFT.

-A week before the album is released on digital platforms we mint and auction the songs in the form of NFT in different marketplaces.

-Backers who are Rockstar receive an exclusive T-shirt of the new heybela album.

-We released the album on all digital platforms (tentatively in April 2023).

-We have a private party in Medellín to celebrate the release of the album.

Limitless lab

I want to create an historic album for Rap in Spanish, where there is a lack of female rappers. Although i´m going to base myself on the culture of Trap and Hip Hop, I also want to include and fuse rhythms such as Reggaeton, Afrobeat, Electronic music, Salsa, and more. The creation of this album isn't going to be limited by any protocol or standard… We are going to turn the music studio into a lab where we will combine different ingredients until we create something new and fresh that contains my essence. I want to create a concept that reflects how a person who is at peace with herself / himself, who knows her / his inner world and accepts it, cannot be easily affected by the chaos of the outside world. Love, sex, spirituality, fear, anxiety... all in one work where I intend to bare my soul and be forceful. The world needs real leaders who are faithful to their essence; I pretend to be one of them. The most exciting thing about this album is that it will take shape as we build it TOGETHER… since you will be with me throughout the process, seeing the different paths that my creative team and I will take. Here nothing is written, everything can happen, because we are going to flow and speak from the heart.

Allocation of funds

Production Mix + Master Studio time Cover art Recording Engineering Photoshoots Donation to the animal foundation Content creator Per diem for my creative team I plan to keep around $1000 for 1 month personal expenses (it will take approximately 7 months to comply with all the work plan exposed above "the plan") Personalized training Marketing and promotion Creation and minting of NFTS

ETH Address: 0x9aa021Ee8F69E46580BB70BF11eAfd9Fd254FC0e

Final thoughts

I have decided to believe in my power, and I know that beyond any words I can tell you, energy doesn't lie. So it will be an honor to share this experience with those who feel connected with my intention and my desire to take on the world. Thank you for helping me change my reality and others with my music; Thank you for giving me the tools to take my message and my energy to more places. Thank you for giving me a space in your heart… I know the greatest leaders of the world have something in common: they only invest in projects that impact the world in some way, and I want to get intimate... touch my nerves and those of others with this album. We´re going to have a great time and we´re going to win together; because working together will already be a victory on its own.