The Mainnet Magic. How to get most of being an early user during the product launch?

In the world of Web3 and DeFi technologies everything is constantly moving, some trends are replaced by others. Looking back, we can see how some projects become super-popular, and users who joined it at the very start get a lot of benefits - from becoming olds of the community to increasing their capital several dozens or even hundreds of times.

The launch of Storm Trade on Mainnet is just around the corner, which means it's time to find out how to get the most out of becoming an early adopter and why it can change your life.

🤝 From community member to ambassador

By being part of the community and actively participating in the discussion of important issues, you influence the development of the project. Many communities offer the roles of administrators and moderators to the most active participants. In the future we are planning to create our own ambassadors program. Who knows, maybe you are the first candidate?

💎 Exclusive privileges

What if we tell you that as an early user you get special bonuses and benefits? Commission discounts, increased rewards, token staking before its release - it's all waiting for you on your way to using Storm Trade.

⭐️ Participation in competitions for early birds

Often projects run exciting activities related to the launch. It is important not to miss them and participate in order to qualify for prizes. Storm Trade joins the good old tradition. Meet:

23/10 - 29/10 - Liquidity Providers Week

The rules are simple: we will choose 3 winners among all users who provide more than 10 jUSDT during the first week after the launch.


🥇 place - 50 TON

🥈 place - 25 TON

🥉 place - 10 TON

30/10 - 05/11 - Trader’s Week

Here we will choose 3 winners among all users who open and close at least 3 positions within 7 days.


🥇 place - 50 TON

🥈 place - 25 TON

🥉 place - 10 TON

🎁 Receiving increased rewards for liquidity provision

Liquidity providers receive a solid portion of the rewards thanks to the protocol fees collected, so the earlier you provide liquidity, the more rewards you can receive!

Rewards for providers are generated as follows:

💰 70% of the protocol's trading fees,

💰 the entire volume of negative PnL,

  • 35% of liquidation penalties,

  • additional awards in RP points.

🚀 Profitable buying and staking of the token

A token launch is an exciting and exciting event for any protocol. The earlier a user buys tokens, the more tokens they can buy at a lower starting price.

The early riser gets more $Storm tokens.

The TGE (token generation event) is scheduled for December .23 - January .24, but knowing that token stakers will receive 30% of all commissions collected and 15% of paid fundraising, it's worth considering buying $Storm now. Detailed tokenomics of the Storm protocol will be released very soon!

Having considered the benefits of early participation in the life of the Storm Trade protocol, I think you have no doubts left! Read the details about the Eye of the Storm mainnet release program and stay tuned. It's time to ride out the storm! ⚡️

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