Pro-privacy projects of the year #2023privacyproof

This is the first of a series of articles covering the results of the #2023privacyproof poll: final longlist announcement before publishing shortlist.

Explore the selection of the pro-privacy projects made by 100+ privacy enthusiasts, developers, researchers, cryptographers, cypherpunks, and community builders from the DarkFi, Nym, Swarm, Logos, HOPR, Railgun_, Circles UBI, Rotki, Puzzle, Espresso Systems & many other organisations.

We thank everyone who participated in #2023privacyproof.
We thank everyone who participated in #2023privacyproof.

Note: #2023privacyproof is an educational & explorational activity dedicated to raising awareness & interest in privacy x web3: projects, news, papers & anti-privacy doxxers. Do DYOR before using any privacy tech.

Final longlist announcement

#2023privacyproof showed great diversity within the privacy stack covering from IMEI-privacy to stealth addresses on Ethereum.

37 projects mentioned by privacy enthusiasts
37 projects mentioned by privacy enthusiasts

Longlist selection

How it worked

Contributions' examples
Contributions' examples
  1. In mid-December 2023 we started asking privacy enthusiasts to share their personal favourite pro-privacy projects, news, innovation & anti-privacy doxxers.

  2. The majority of the contributions are public & can be found on Twitter/X: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. While some contributors wanted to remain anon.

  3. Results were aggregated into a sheet (which will be shared publicly later on).

  4. The highest “votes” will define the shortlist of the key pro-privacy tech defined by the community.

Note: we asked participants to avoid mentioning affiliated projects, so the poll would be more accurate.

The next article featuring “Key news & events” (longlist) of 2023 will be published tomorrow.

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