Week in the Privacy News: Feb 5-11

Welcome to the historical debut - the first edition (#1) of Week In The Privacy News.

Privacy awareness starts in 1,2,3

Have you ever tried to follow privacy news? Spending hours & hours every week & still lacking a clear picture of the latest updates.

The Web3Privacy Now community solves this issue

Every week - 1 curated round-up of the most important news related to privacy in the Web3. Freedom, security and decentralisation topics as a bonus.

Production team: the Web3Privacy Now community members. We are passionate about privacy and through many activities such as research, education or IRL events we try to connect people with the same interests or spread these ideas to the wider public.

Join us: all our activities are open-source and community-based, so you can freely contribute with your news:

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Feb 5 - Feb 11, 2024




  • Brume Wallet v0.5: UI enhancements, faster startup, cleaner onboarding



  • DAO Privacy: X space with Gnosis Guild, Safe, Shutter Network, ShapeShift & Fractal (src)


Upcoming events

Do you know of any other major Web3 privacy-related event that should be included in this list? Let us know!

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