Add your privacy project to Explorer

Explorer aka “l2beat for privacy” is an analytical service measuring the state of privacy in web3.

700 privacy-enhancing projects in 1 place. Transparent data. And future scoring:

Imagine a world where you have a complete Privacy market dashboard
Imagine a world where you have a complete Privacy market dashboard

How to create or update project profile

Remember, it’s open-source - everyone can update privacy-enhancing projects. Together we can secure maintenance of the Explorer.

Step-by-step guide

1. Open

2. Search for your project (click on the categories, don’t use search yet - we are updating it)

dApps category example
dApps category example

2.1 Project is listed but needs to be updated    

Open your project and click on "edit research" (upper right corner)

 Edit your project index.yaml - Firn example

Note: please use our template to add more data (structure) into your index.yaml       

Just follow example - data is typo sensitive
Just follow example - data is typo sensitive

*Create a PR *(Pull Request)

Congrats! Once updated - your project data will be available here

2.2 Project not listed (yet)

a) create a folder with the project name & index.yaml file here:

c) add logo (logo.png) into your project folder    

b) copy the template structure into your index.yaml:    

d) ensure that you filled at least the minimum data for your project (first section of the Sample document).

For more details regarding attributes please go to:     

e) Create a PR (Pull request)  

g) once it will be reviewed - it will be merged &/or commented for further clarification.

docs: link 
git: link 
sample project: link 
categories: link 
projects: link 
benchmark project

Future developments


We will structure projects by Privacy scoring. This will help people to not be scammed & double-check privacy promises behind every project. At the same time it will force organisations to deliver reliable privacy tech.

More on scoring - in the docs


We already sketched new version of the front-end with reach filters, granular categories & so on. Will ship it alongside the back-end development & updates.

Our aim is to match specific use-cases like “I want to securely store my files”, “I want to privately send ETH” etc.

all design is public on Figma

News & Jobs sync

In the future Project profile will be in-sync with our Jobs & News landings.
Meaning that 1 project will have constant update: vacancies, latest news & so on.

Keep calm & build solid privacy-enhancing tech. Together.

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