$ARB Airdrop on Fusion

We’re excited to announce that Arb Protocol has chosen Fusion to launch their $ARB airdrop. Fusion, is the leading provider in option liquidity mining and option airdrop solutions! In this article, we’ll be covering how this airdrop will work, what Arb Protocol is building, and how you can qualify for the airdrop. Let’s dive in!

How Does it Work?

Rather than receiving liquid tokens that can be sold instantly on the open market, [Users] will receive call options on the $ARB token. These options will give the recipients the right, but not the obligation, to buy $ARB tokens at the predefined strike price anytime before the expiration date. This method better aligns incentives between Arb Protocol, and their community by ensuring recipients of these options will be supporters for the long haul.

What is Arb Protocol?

Arb Protocol moves your money around to get you the best yields across the Solana ecosystem! They are the first to offer automated arbitrage and lending aggregator vault strategies, earning risk-free yield across all markets and protocols across the Solana ecosystem. Their protocol can allocate funds to multiple protocols at once and theoretically integrate with dozens of protocols, to find the best yield opportunities across all of the top Solana Defi platforms.

Their dApp is designed to take advantage of Solana's low-cost, high-efficiency blockchain; allowing the vault strategies to benefit users with steady yields which do not require active management and lower gas fees.

The protocols arbitrage is powered by Jupiter, Solana's key liquidity aggregator, offering the widest range of tokens and best route discovery between any token pair. They also plan on integrating automated market-making vaults with protocols such as Mango Markets and Cypher, along with other low to high yield strategies onto the platform, providing investment strategies with suitable risk rewards for any Defi user.

Arb Protocol is currently in its launch phase with its primary focus being to attract users, attention, and liquidity.

How Can Holders Qualify for the Airdrop?

You can qualify for the airdrop either by holding 1,000 $ARB OR $PSY 100. These tokens can be held in your wallet or in liquidity mining pools on Atrix, Radiyum & Orca, or be staked on Realms for governance.

Snapshot will be taken on July 20th 24:00 UTC.

Closing Comments

We’re excited by this collaboration between the Arb Protocol and PsyOptions Communities, and we can’t wait to see how things grow! To stay up to date, follow Arb Protocol on Twitter, and join the discussion!

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