New Order
February 16th, 2022

At New Order, Multi-chain DeFi is in our DNA. But, up until now, we’ve had our DAO smart contracts exclusively on Ethereum.

It is time to take the next step towards realizing the future of multi-chain DeFi. Empowered by a recent governance decision.

New Order is going to be bridging NEWO to Avalanche network ahead of staking vaults and other DeFi opportunities which will be deployed there.

So, what makes Avalanche an exciting network to build on? The rest of this article tells the story of Avalanche using data and metrics, as well as going over key concepts that made Avalanche a successful chain and makes definitive conclusions about the main drivers for going from $10 in June to near $140 in November 2021.

February 1st, 2022

If you have your SushiLP tokens in the SushiLP NEWO vault you will first need to withdraw those.

Go to the vault section of the DAO interface and click active deposits.

Make sure your wallet is connected, and Metamask unlocked. Then click Withdraw All from the SUSHI LP- NEWO/USDC vault. Confirm the transaction in Metamask. If using a hardware wallet make sure it’s unlocked and running the Ethereum application, or else you will get a message saying withdrawal failed. If this happens (shown below) make sure your wallet is ready and try again (you may need to restart the browser if Metamask is stuck at this point).

February 1st, 2022

Written by: Mitch

What is a DAO?

Web 3.0 has sparked a new world of innovative projects and ideas. One of the more interesting ones is the DAO. A Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO for short, is a business that is automated by a smart contract(s) to streamline all processes. Further, they are member-owned, trustless, transparent, and 100% verifiable by anyone.

February 1st, 2022

Single Sided Staking Migration Guide

Step 1: Proceed to the “Active Deposits” tab under the Vaults and Claim & Withdraw your staked tokens. Make sure your wallet is connected, and Metamask unlocked. Then click Withdraw All from the NEWO SINGLE-SIDE vault. If using a hardware wallet make sure it’s unlocked and running the Ethereum application, or else you will get a message saying withdrawal failed. If this happens (shown below) make sure your wallet is ready and try again (you may need to restart the browser if Metamask is stuck at this point).

January 31st, 2022

Following the community snapshot, we have implemented all necessary changes and completed a smart contract Audit process with Halborn. Now that we have audited contracts, we want to make the transition from V1 to V2 as seamless as possible, we will be providing all the details of the changes made. Liquidity Providers in the Sushiswap pool: we will be migrating liquidity on Wednesday Feb 2nd at 12:00 noon, UTC - you are advised to withdraw your liquidity by that time.


  • V2 Token
    • Wednesday Feb 2nd
  • V2 LP
    • Wednesday Feb 2nd (12:00 noon, UTC)
  • V2 Vaults
    • Within 6 hrs after V2 LP launch
    • V1 vaults will still have yield until the V2 vaults introduced
  • Avax Vault
    • Second Week of Feb
  • Avax LP
    • Second Week of Feb
  • Arbi Vault
    • Third Week of Feb
  • Arbi LP
    • Third Week of Feb
December 28th, 2021


Will be responsible for communicating and engaging the Reddit community around Neworder ecosystem. Be able to understand areas of confusion and clarify or bring to other members on the team to address.

  • Produce and engage the community on a regular cadence of public-facing conversations about New Order
  • Coordinate content across various channels to share updates, developments, and keep our community informed
  • Report any concern around $NEWO
  • Develop new methods to drive increased awareness, transparency, and clarity for users

What We Can Expect From You:

December 23rd, 2021

New Order was created with a goal to build a self-governing incubator positioned to assist DeFi innovation through promoting new asset classes, chain independence and machine learning. Our community includes some of the most accomplished and respected DeFi and Web3 professionals and projects. We believe that the immense opportunities of decentralized finance can only be rendered through embracing collaboration, non-segregation and multi-chain at its base. Web3, as compared to the legacy internet of the present, is best utilized through collaboration and communal contribution as opposed to the oligopolistic domination witnessed today. This vision has yet to be widely developed in the blockchain space, and thus is largely bottlenecked by the lack of interoperability, and this is exactly why we are introducing New Order.

New Order is modeled to operate as a black hole for builders and entrepreneurs to create an ecosystem of interoperability. The community of builders will garner a closed loop of internally generated synergies strengthening with every additional incubated project. Further, scalability of incubation and acceleration is reinforced by a partnership with Outlier Ventures, where efforts are united to launch over 40 projects in the next two years. 

New Order is pushing the boundaries of DeFi whether it is examining MetaFi, Meme coins, gaming, NFT’s or optimized yield aggregation. The projects that are considered for incubation are not limited to a specific stream, rather each application is analysed through a lens of its positioning in Web3 innovation.

December 22nd, 2021

We are excited to present the New Order Academy, the official Education Hub of New Order.

Why an Education Hub?

We understand that crypto, blockchain and DeFi can be very technical and off-putting, particularly for those who haven't yet gotten down the rabbit hole. Public awareness and education can bring more attention and interest to projects like New Order by providing information in a form that is simple to understand yet informative. You can explore our attempt to simplify web 3 here.

How to Navigate Around This Education Hub?

December 20th, 2021

We are glad to announce that we will be part of the SushiSwap Onsen program, boosting NEWO-USDC liquidity providers with an allocation of SUSHI tokens per block to incentivize liquidity provision.

The vault with the boosted rewards will be available around 17:00 UTC on Tuesday December 21st and will run for at least a week. Current LP providers will be able to unstake their positions, and move capital to the new boosted vaults presented on the Sushi 2x Farms.

December 14th, 2021

Hey, NEWO hodlers, we will be Airdropping a 5% bonus to everyone who participated in the MISO Dutch auction on December 9th and has not sold their allocation.We will be taking a snapshot of participants in the next 2 weeks. When the snapshot is made you will be able to check your eligibility and claim your airdrop by visiting our DApp.

We have a substantial allocation for Airdops that will be used to accelerate the goal of market adoption! This is the first step we are taking to reward early supporters of our project. More airdrops will be available soon to reward hodlers, and further our presence as DeFi’s largest treasury and leading incubator!

Expanding on NEWO’s value proposition, some incubated projects will also be offering Airdrops upon their IDO. Incubated projects will want to further their adoption, and allocate tokens to the New Order community as a show of gratitude. Airdrops are going to be available on a case-by-case basis, so stay current with announcements.

One of our incubated projects, [REDACTED], is  launching on December 15th, 12:00 EST! The launch will follow the same IDO procedure as New Order, where a Dutch Auction will be held. $BTRFLY tokens will be sold for CVX, OHM and CRV based on a 1-day SMA. More information on how to participate is available here. Considering that this is a fair launch with no whitelist, no airdrops will be offered.

December 10th, 2021

24M NEWO tokens were successfully MISOed 🍣 with 361 unique participants and over $6.8m USDC raised.

  • Claim your NEWO from the Dutch auction here
  • There is no time limit for the claim.

In case you missed it

A successful Dutch auction was held on December 9th, with an ending price of 0.2844 USDC per token! The auction represented 3% of the total NEWO supply.

December 9th, 2021

We have one more announcement before the sale!

Inviting the Sushi DAO to our incubator to help make Sushiswap a hub for liquidity for all future DAO project launches!

December 7th, 2021

New Order is excited to announce a strategic partnership with NEAR Protocol to collaborate on a number of fronts, ranging from DeFi projects to on-chain DAO operations.

NEAR is an early investor in New Order, supporting our vision of constructing a multi-protocol DeFi ecosystem through incubation and accelerator programs. New Order will support the NEAR ecosystem by collaborating with Open Web Collective and Proximity Labs on early stage DeFi projects. Likewise, NEAR will provide feedback on project proposals from the New Order community. Together, both New Order and NEAR will generate venture opportunities and advance DeFI innovation..

The collaboration is further strengthened by NEAR’s introduction of an $800m fund focused on growing the adoption of DeFi through supporting projects with ecosystem grants, startup funding and acceleration programs.

New Order will also be building an on-chain DAO forum on the Aurora network, which allows for EVM compatibility on the NEAR blockchain. By using Aurora, New Order will be able to leverage the security of on-chain voting and the substantially cheaper fees available on Aurora. The ability to combine these benefits, along with a relationship with an innovative NEAR community, directly positions New Order for sustainable growth with virtually uncapped scalability.

December 6th, 2021


  • Even with only one protocol (Aave) and three assets (DAI, USDC, USDT), there are many, many possible yield farming strategies.
  • Determining the optimal strategy is not easy.
  • The optimal strategy changes frequently over time.
  • Optimization can provide a 50% greater APY.
  • It is almost impossible to achieve the optimal strategy manually

First There Was an Opportunity

You are a new DeFi user, eager to make the gigantic yield farming returns all your Twitter friends seem to have been making since last summer.

December 6th, 2021


New Order proposes a token swap between NEWO and PERP to further diversify our treasuries, strengthen our inter-protocol relationship and provide governance power in each other’s protocols.


We view Perp as a valued infrastructural partner within our DAO, and as an intended member of our new incubator, we aim to deepen both our relationship and our exposure through a strategic token swap. This swap will provide New Order with additional Perp not acquired through our own treasury utilization, and give the Perp community exposure to the New Order ecosystem beyond our partnerships and incubated projects we are working on together such as OptyFi and IndexZoo. The swap carries with it an expectation that neither side trades or reduces their exposure without a governance vote, which the other party can participate in through their respective holdings.

December 3rd, 2021

The $NEWO Dutch auction on MISO starts on Thursday, December 9th, 2021 at 8:30am EST. The auction ends after 24 hours or when all tokens are sold, whichever occurs first. When the auction ends, tokens from the Dutch auction will be eligible to be claimed.

Note: In a MISO Dutch auction, the price is set at a higher value per token than expected and descends over time, with the eventual price being settled on once all tokens have been sold. Please refer to MISO’s explanation of Dutch auctions for more information.

In order to participate, you’ll need enough $USDC to make your purchase and some $ETH to cover gas fees.

December 2nd, 2021

At New Order, we take cybersecurity very seriously, both in general and specifically with respect to smart contract security. We believe that the next generation of DeFi is going to include a cybersecurity mindset as a core principle. Working with top-tier Cybersecurity Advisers, and proactively addressing security threats before they can become a problem is a core tenet of this mindset.

Therefore, New Order is pleased to announce that we’re partnering with Halborn who brings its award-winning, ethical hackers and blockchain specialists to protect our services and apps, and by working directly with protocol to protect from cyber attacks. Our incubated projects and ecosystem will benefit unimaginably from enhanced protection.

Halborn will work with New Order as a security resource to advise, direct, and help create a strategy and design that is secured, and built to reduce risk. We’ll work together to keep ecosystem projects safe from cyber attacks and find the most efficient way to protect the system, networks, software, data and information systems against any potential attacks. This will be accomplished through the implementation of vulnerability testing, threat analysis, and security checks, performing research on cyber security criteria, security systems, and validation procedures, manage meetings to fix specific internet safety problems, and calculate accurate cost estimations and categorize integration issues for project teams. By planning and designing healthy security architectures for any project we’ll provide security solutions using business standard analysis criteria & deliver technical reports and official papers relating to test findings and give professional supervision and guidance to project teams.

Halborn will assist in auditing, advising, and validating that all technology, people, and processes are either implemented securely, or planned with security best practices. In addition, by performing risk assessments we can calculate impact and likelihood of a security breach or incident. Using Halborn’s security advisory service; we will provide an end-to-end risk assessment on all facets of the system, and guide prioritization with recommended mitigating measures. Halborn will perform active hands-on penetration testing using deep security inspection technology to identify critical vulnerabilities before they are exploited by adversaries in the real world. The penetration test will simulate the activities and tactics typically performed by threat actors to ensure the projects reduce their exposure to security threat vectors. With respect to smart contract security, Halborn implements Smart Contract Code Analysis, which is a method of computer program debugging that is done by examining the code and logic of a smart contract statically and dynamically. The process provides an understanding of the code structure, and can help to ensure that the code adheres to quality standards, and is free of vulnerabilities. The principal advantage of smart contract analysis is the fact that it can reveal errors that do not manifest themselves until a disaster occurs weeks, months or years after release.

December 2nd, 2021

[REDACTED] Cartel is a newly enlisted member of the Curve wars that is using the bonding mechanics of OlympusDAO. These mechanics allow the accumulation of as much liquidity as possible from the Curve ecosystem in order to have a growing influence in the Curve gauge. Essentially purchasing voting power to act in the best interest of the bonders and democratize the current concentration of influence.

[REDACTED] has built its value proposition around Curve, which provides liquidity across several Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains, creating a one-stop-shop for everything liquidity in DeFi. Accumulating voting power for CRV gauge through [REDACTED] allows New Order to tap into the allocation of, arguably, the most important governance token in DeFi. Further, New Order is also able to get exposure to innovative POL bonding mechanics that allow protocols to own their own liquidity, drastically decreasing the costs of liquidity mining.

The apparent advantages of a protocol owning its own liquidity are clear, as it promotes a stable token price and encourages a cheaper approach to liquidity mining. The stable token price is achieved by the protocol-owned LP tokens on decentralized exchanges. This limits volatility and ensures minimal price slippage when trading. Ultimately, providing a cheaper and less dilutive approach to liquidity mining as the liquidity is owned by the protocol instead of being forced to provide absurdly high APY’s to attract mercenary capital.

[REDACTED] has successfully passed the Olympus governance snapshot vote to become the first official branch of OlympusDAO focused on acquiring CRV, CVX, and other relevant governance tokens. This partnership is significant in that it will allow for alignment with the large and engaging community of Olympus and achieve important synergies for future incubated projects.

December 1st, 2021

TLDR: New Order’s governance token $NEWO designed to control the treasury and governance process of the DAO will be sold to the community on December 9th at 8:30am EST. The dutch auction will continue for 24 hours. Click here to add to your calendar.

What is New Order?

For those new to the community, New Order is a permissionless, community-driven venture DAO incubator for decentralized financial (DeFi) projects. The platform is led by community members & ecosystem partners and aims to accelerate early stage DeFi applications and surround teams with talent and resources to fast track their growth and development.

November 30th, 2021

Today we’re finally unveiling a partnership we’ve been excited about for quite a while. New Order will be partnering with Outlier Ventures, the industry leading web3 accelerator, to launch 30- 40 DeFi startups over the next two years with the first cohort of projects set to begin in Q1 2022.

The partnership aims to drive DeFi innovation by leveraging New Order's existing network of builders, investors and smart contract developers to create a new breed of next-generation decentralized financial applications which will naturally complement Outlier Ventures thesis around the open metaverse. Together, they will launch the first DeFi Base Camp.

Outlier Ventures has a long track record having raised more than $250 million in funding for startups since their founding in 2014. New Order is the first venture DAO that Outlier Ventures has supported and invested in. Their Base Camp program is a proven accelerator for web3 startups and has already been tapped by Polygon, Filecoin and Polkadot networks to bring new projects to market.

Outlier Ventures’ partnership with New Order will be unique as it represents a significant commitment to the DeFi space and moreover, their first investment and support for a venture DAO.

November 30th, 2021

The Data Standard

We often hear that data is the new oil.

Data is a new asset class, and it has already become enormously important. Ocean Protocol has built tools to level the playing field around data, from data access control primitives to decentralized data marketplaces with AMM-based data pricing.

It has a burgeoning ecosystem of data suppliers, data consumers, stakers, web3 technologists and data scientists. Our new product, H2O, is built as the unit of exchange for this emerging Web3 Data Economy.

November 26th, 2021

New Order is a community led project so we can't stay true to our core values without building this project hand in hand with you! To encourage participation, we are launching a Contributor Program that any interested member can participate in.

To learn more, please refer to our Notion page, where each workstream is outlined with relevant tasks that need completion. During the pre-launch of our platform, contributors will be rewarded with non-transferable tokens that can be redeemed on launch.


November 24th, 2021

In our previous post, we introduced you to New Order Dao but in this post, we’re going to dive into the nuts and bolts of the DAO including it’s governance token.

We started New Order Dao because we believe founders have to jump through a lot of hoops before they can bring their product to life. Moreover, success often sits behind a permissioned funding funnel meaning critical levers like tier 1 partnerships, mentors and smart contract auditing are not easily accessible.

With New Order Dao, we aim to change that.

We’ve created an incubator for everyone in DeFi, allowing permissionless entry for anyone in the community to allocate our multi-chain balance sheet to the project or opportunity that best serves the DAO and ecosystem’s needs long term.

November 22nd, 2021

Sourcing resources for DeFi startups is a challenge in our industry that has yet to be addressed. Despite the frothy market of venture capital we are currently experiencing, founders are in need of expertise, community, and networking assistance in order to have a successful launch.

At New Order, we are building an on-chain experiment redefining the accumulation, formation and distribution of resources for DeFi builders. Our goal is to leverage the coordination offered through the DAO model to get founders from an idea to mainnet.