Overview of the Contributor Program

New Order is a community led project so we can't stay true to our core values without building this project hand in hand with you! To encourage participation, we are launching a Contributor Program that any interested member can participate in.

To learn more, please refer to our Notion page, where each workstream is outlined with relevant tasks that need completion. During the pre-launch of our platform, contributors will be rewarded with non-transferable tokens that can be redeemed on launch.



We firmly believe that the success of our project is derived from our community.

Since New Order is a DAO first and foremost, we will be launching with a strong emphasis on onboarding and community engagement.

We are not a business nor a company, we are a community owned effort that seeks to empower projects through combining our core abilities with the great ideas of community founders.

To build this project together, we will be launching a Contributor Program to ensure that even prior to genesis our approach is shaped by the community.

Our core team has kickstarted the project, laying the groundwork for success, but it will be the community that builds on this foundation!

New Order Contributor Program

There are several ways to get involved with our network. First things first, to become a participating member of the DAO, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Explore our social media presence, following us on all platforms to keep up-to-date on new developments as we approach our token generation event.
  2. We ask that interested users join our Discord and choose a workstream that best suits their strengths. In the chosen workstream, please introduce yourself to everyone and tell us your skills and background so that we can send tasks your way.
  3. Check out our Notion page that will have tasks outlined for each workstream. You can complete a task and submit the completed details through the included Airtable link.
  4. Lastly, to stay current with news and developments of New Order you should join our weekly calls on Discord which will be posted under the #announcements channel.

How will it Work?

To achieve our goal of becoming the YC of DeFi, we rely on our community! Our goal is to build a system that allows the community to align on a vision, while leading the key roles of the DAO.

Contribution opportunities span from development work, token engineering and governance improvements to portfolio management contributions and enhancing yield strategies.

With the contributor program we want to make sure the New Orders governance token is used to manage and build a sustainable DAO that anyone is able to participate in.

We made sure that the available tasks are of different difficulty levels so that all members can get involved. Contributors can always submit new ideas for tasks on Notion, and discuss their importance to the project's development with the core team.

As mentioned, contributors will earn tokens which will be distributed upon launch! More details will be announced in Discord.


Our contributor program has many different projects / tasks that New Order needs completed. There are tasks from every skill level so anyone can contribute regardless of ability.

The available workstreams are below:

Community and Marketing
The Community and Marketing Team is responsible for promoting anything and everything New Order related. This includes social media/viral campaigns, paid advertisement campaigns, SEO, Funnel Design, event/partnership promotion, and the list goes on! It is our job to promote New Order to the fullest of our abilities and to make sure we always portray the protocol in a positive & attractive light. Further, content generation in the form of Newsletters and Education Programs are also housed in in Sub DAO, if you would like to contribute please reach out!

The engineering department is responsible for ensuring that back end operations are functioning as intended, moving the gears of the DAO. Bull, bear, or crab, we brave few work tirelessly to ensure the security, scalability, and sustainability of New Order. We maintain a delicate balance between delivering new products & making systematic changes that will guarantee our place in history.

The Governance SubDAO is tasked with ensuring New Order is being ran in efficient and decentralized way, most importantly in alignment with the $NEWO token holders. New Order will be carefully supervised by our governance token, giving community members an unparalleled ability to govern and guide the DAO into the next generation of decentralized finance. The token allows for active involvement in a distributed voting platform for resource appropriation that carefully distributes project funding and rewards to community members. Members such as marketers and influencers will be chosen and rewarded for building awareness and a strong community behind a multitude of launched projects

The Research Sub DAO is tasked with eying the most promising DeFi projects that fit our core interests. Members would be accumulating incubation and acceleration opportunities across the entire industry, carefully analyzing their fit in the New Order ecosystem and sharing the due diligence with the team. This is one of the most important areas in the DAO as it is dependent on the community and researchers to constantly scan the industry for the best value opportunities !

The Incubation Sub DAO is tasked with providing projects with all their requirements and ensuring that both Technical and Business needs are met. Such would include: managing external partnerships to ensure incubated and accelerated projects are introduced to service providers promptly. Further, would also source in-house tokenomics engineers and relevant developers to look into the back and front end of the protocol. The services would be based on the level of project development and would be tailored for the exact needs of each founder!

This Sub DAO is tasked with achieving an optimal yield on the idle treasury assets. Members need to weigh risks and returns on opportunities to grow the DAO’s assets. With the goal of achieving the largest treasury in all of DeFi, this is a paramount task for the community !


That’s it for now - head on over to our Contributor Program page and get started now.

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