New Order + NEAR Partnership: Collab On DeFi, Devs and DAO
December 7th, 2021

New Order is excited to announce a strategic partnership with NEAR Protocol to collaborate on a number of fronts, ranging from DeFi projects to on-chain DAO operations.

NEAR is an early investor in New Order, supporting our vision of constructing a multi-protocol DeFi ecosystem through incubation and accelerator programs. New Order will support the NEAR ecosystem by collaborating with Open Web Collective and Proximity Labs on early stage DeFi projects. Likewise, NEAR will provide feedback on project proposals from the New Order community. Together, both New Order and NEAR will generate venture opportunities and advance DeFI innovation..

The collaboration is further strengthened by NEAR’s introduction of an $800m fund focused on growing the adoption of DeFi through supporting projects with ecosystem grants, startup funding and acceleration programs.

New Order will also be building an on-chain DAO forum on the Aurora network, which allows for EVM compatibility on the NEAR blockchain. By using Aurora, New Order will be able to leverage the security of on-chain voting and the substantially cheaper fees available on Aurora. The ability to combine these benefits, along with a relationship with an innovative NEAR community, directly positions New Order for sustainable growth with virtually uncapped scalability.

Other areas of collaboration include jointly building developer communities through a DeFi hackathon, and New Order using Rainbow Bridge for various vaults to allow for seamless cross chain transactions.

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