How New Order Works
November 24th, 2021

In our previous post, we introduced you to New Order Dao but in this post, we’re going to dive into the nuts and bolts of the DAO including it’s governance token.

We started New Order Dao because we believe founders have to jump through a lot of hoops before they can bring their product to life. Moreover, success often sits behind a permissioned funding funnel meaning critical levers like tier 1 partnerships, mentors and smart contract auditing are not easily accessible.

With New Order Dao, we aim to change that.

We’ve created an incubator for everyone in DeFi, allowing permissionless entry for anyone in the community to allocate our multi-chain balance sheet to the project or opportunity that best serves the DAO and ecosystem’s needs long term.

The DAO is open to contributors of any background and we aim to not close ourselves off to just mentors and partners from VC firms or executives at DeFi protocols.

If you have the ability and ideas on how to generate returns for the DAO or want to bring a project to life or even a background in data science - we welcome you to join in building the future of finance with our open community.

On to the governance token.

Governance Token

The New Order DAO will have a multi-chain governance token to direct and reward community participation towards both short term and long term opportunities.

In the short term, we have a need to direct funds raised in our seed round towards yield strategies for the vaults and treasury - more passive investment strategies.

In the long term, as we build a pipeline of founders with the help of Outlier Ventures, we aim to direct the funds towards incubation and bootstrapping of early-stage DeFi protocols.

The ultimate vision for the New Order Dao is for the community to manage the most diverse and profitable balance sheet of cross-chain assets.

In order to achieve this, we’ve designed a new permission-less, chain-agnostic and upgradeable governance architecture that we will soon leave in the hands of the community to take over and build upon.

For a basic overview of how we expect the system to operate view the diagram below that outlines the voting, treasury management and incubation process.

Join the Discord to keep up with the latest on the token generation event.

Proposal Process

Membership in the DAO is solely based on holding the governance token, the majority of which will be distributed through a combination of Sushi Miso LBP, liquidity mining, community drops and contributor rewards.

DAO members will be able to shape the day-to-day operations as well as the long term strategy of the DAO through a proposal process that allows for open debate and discussion, through to voting and enactment of new policies.

Simplified overview:

Before launch, proposals, templates, and voting parameters will be set by the core team, however, we expect to evolve with the direction and needs of the community.

Within weeks of the token generation event (TGE), we will be deploying a community forum to allow for non-binding discussion concerning the DAO. All community members will need to stake governance tokens in order to submit or vote on proposals.

Contributor Tokens

To better incentivize participation, active community members will also earn non-fungible, non-transferrable contributor tokens through voting, participating in the forum as well as participating in operations of the DAO or any of it’s incubated projects.

This form of “social capital” that community members accrue only through active participation and could be extended to voting proposal introduction rights, early access or privilege roles in incubated projects, or amplification of the holder’s voting power.

The goal is to reward the most active and engaged members of the community so we foster an environment of action and building as opposed to passive speculation. We hope this will create a self-sustaining and active New Order DAO community.

Initially, contributor tokens will be distributed retroactively through non-algorithmic methods to prevent gaming the system but future iterations could use a system like SourceCred to automate the process and will need to be decided on through the voting process.

What Opportunities Do We See

We’ve identified two areas to start with in regards to governance:

Treasury Management: Proposals can be introduced for yield farming strategies. Specifically, selecting the liquidity pools and allocation of assets to be sent from the DAO Treasury. Voting will control the configuration of the liquidity pools themselves such as Sushiswap and including what tokens to permit and in what ratios. The New Order DAO will receive some portion of the fees generated by participation in various pools.

Project Incubation: We expect to receive proposals from teams we have been approached by in the past and these will be funneled through the open proposal process to seed the DAO. Community members will be able to allocate funds according to the outcome of the voting process. DAO members will also be able to participate in the governance process of incubated projects by way of “proxy voting” using the weighted allocation of incubated projects tokens held in the DAO treasury.

Computer Aided Governance

Community governance is not a trivial task and we expect to employ computer aided governance (CAG) in future iterations of New Order DAO.

If you’re new to the concept, it’s described as “decision support process that leads to better informed decision making through the use of data analytics, ML and simulation modelling”.

We plan to implement tools like this down the road with the objective of having New Order DAO community decisions supported by sound data and empirical evidence.


Beyond members contributing to the DAO process through voting, submitting proposals and forum moderation - we are looking to community members from the following disciplines:

Venture Strategists

If you’re someone that has an eye for early-stage protocols or ideas on the best application of liquidity, we’d like to hear from you. The New Order DAO will have a constantly growing pool of stablecoins and tokens from fees generated from passive yield strategies and we’d like your help allocating those resources to teams that need it the most. You should have an eye for talent and for projects that can lend long term value to the eco-system.

Yield Strategists

Similar to the previous role, these people can help identify and develop multi-chain yield farming strategies to grow the DAOs treasury. Fees generated through these strategies will be converted to stablecoins and fed back into the funding pool where the DAO will be able to continue incubating more promising projects.


New Order will need help with technical work including smart contract auditing, blockchain devops automation as well as opportunities with incubated project teams. The DAO will support and fund future hackathons as the core team has done in the past to attract more technical talent to the DAO.

Data Scientists

New Order will need individuals who are able to collect, clean and use machine learning to analyze vast data sets to gleam out insights on which the DAO can make decisions. Evidence pulled from this analysis can be used by the community to make informed decisions during the proposal and voting process.

If any of these sound like you, join our Discord and connect with the team.


Further details will be released leading up to our public token launch in the coming weeks, but the ability to adapt to developments in the space will be our guiding principle for launch.

What we can share now is we will launch natively multi-chain and have multiple interworking components that take advantage of the tradeoffs of different platforms and projects:

  • Primary liquidity pools will be on Ethereum, including permanent liquidity pools to take advantage of the protocols and applications available on the ETH ecosystem.
  • Initially, a majority of the Vaults and Treasury will be initially deployed on Ethereum to take advantage of liquidity there.

We anticipate the evolution of the technical architecture of the DAO to keep track with Multi-Chain developments, and evolve according to the decentralized governance of the DAO which will ultimately decide on which technical path to take.

For this reason, the exact way forward is difficult to predict, as it further depends on developments and market conditions in the DeFi ecosystem. Therefore, at the outset, the implementation of the New Order DAO will be focused on being agile to optimally ride the rapidly evolving wave of the multi-chain “Governance Surface”.

Going forward from the initial deployment, we expect DAO functions will continue to be split across blockchains to benefit from the strengths of specific platforms. For example, on some platforms, transaction fees may enable on-chain governance features, such as a forum, which would not be feasible otherwise.

On-chain governance has the potential for increased automation of operations, and perhaps more importantly to be radically transparent; an evolving space like DeFi could have long market cycles and the provenance of the DAO’s culture (e.g. memes) becomes important throughout different generations of active community members.

As always, join our Discord for more details on the upcoming token launch and to join our community of builders.

About New Order

New Order DAO is a permissionless community driven venture DAO incubator for decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. The platform is led by community members through an open and transparent voting process and aims to fund early stage DeFi applications and surround teams with talent and resources to fast track growth and development.

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