New Order + Outlier Ventures set to Launch 30-40 DeFi Projects Together

Today we’re finally unveiling a partnership we’ve been excited about for quite a while. New Order will be partnering with Outlier Ventures, the industry leading web3 accelerator, to launch 30- 40 DeFi startups over the next two years with the first cohort of projects set to begin in Q1 2022.

The partnership aims to drive DeFi innovation by leveraging New Order's existing network of builders, investors and smart contract developers to create a new breed of next-generation decentralized financial applications which will naturally complement Outlier Ventures thesis around the open metaverse. Together, they will launch the first DeFi Base Camp.

Outlier Ventures has a long track record having raised more than $250 million in funding for startups since their founding in 2014. New Order is the first venture DAO that Outlier Ventures has supported and invested in. Their Base Camp program is a proven accelerator for web3 startups and has already been tapped by Polygon, Filecoin and Polkadot networks to bring new projects to market.

Outlier Ventures’ partnership with New Order will be unique as it represents a significant commitment to the DeFi space and moreover, their first investment and support for a venture DAO.

While the main goal is to drive more DeFi as we know it, together we also plan to explore "MetaFi", a term coined by Outlier Ventures. MetaFi is DeFi applied to Metaverse, for example, NFTs are now being used as collateral for multi-million dollar loans.

The combination of New Order's open and transparent public funding and development process with Outlier Ventures’ hands-on experience and pedigree in working with early stage startups will ensure select DeFi projects get to market faster, supported by world class collaborators.


‘With Outlier’s industry leading Web3 accelerator and New Order’s DeFi ecosystem, our DeFi Base Camp will launch exciting projects that will bring new DeFi products and user experiences to Web3 communities, CeFi, metaverses and more.’ - Eden Dhaliwal, Founder, New Order

‘We have been investing in DeFi for several years but it requires a very nuanced service provision and ecosystem activation which requires its own dedicated Basecamp program. New Order’s venture DAO was able to bring that together in a scalable way, and together we can really define a whole new category of DeFi, MetaFi.’ - Jamie Burke, CEO, Outlier Ventures

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