December 20th, 2021

The NFT space is in its infancy and the majority of projects, collectors, and endeavors are grounded in outdated mental models. “Web3” (or crypto) will look far different in 10 years than the current landscape and so too will many of the most successful NFT projects.

I’m strongly convinced that over a long enough timeframe, the winning models in Web3 will be open and collaborative, not siloed and closed. Value will accrue accordingly.

In Web3, value creation and the ability to capture revenue operate differently than in Web2. Middlemen and rent-seekers generally will have less sustainable competitive advantages and are much more easily disrupted. Similarly, those who attempt to create walled gardens or clutch at unnecessary outdated copyright protection will generate weaker network effects.

Source: https://pitt.libguides.com/copyright/licenses
Source: https://pitt.libguides.com/copyright/licenses