DAOTOOL#101 #8 Tabula.gg a Web3 Publication for Anyone

Table of Contents:

  • What is tabula.gg?

  • How does tabula.gg works?

  • How to Start Tabula.gg Publication?

  • How to Add a New Person with Permission?

  • How to publish a new post?

  • Summary

  • Useful links

What is Tabula. gg?

Tabula.gg is a decentralized web3 publishing platform that allows Writers, DAOs, and any Ethereum-based account to publish entries together on the distributed peer-to-peer IPFS network, ensuring censorship resistance and no single point of failure. The Gnosis guild developed tabula.gg with Poster(EIP-3722), the graph, and React.

It has just begun the journey so you have to take care of the IPFS for Now. Time to be the og users!

How does tabula.gg work?

Tabula.gg use Poster(EIP-3722) a simple social media smart contract, which is still in Review, to allow any Ethereum-based account to publish their articles to their publications.

Tabula.gg uses the web3 wallet for logging in and signing everything. It uploads our content to the given IPFS.

How to Start Tabula.gg Publication?

Tabula.gg → Connect Wallet → Setup Pinning Service/Go Ahead without → Setup the Publications Profile → Confirm = Done!

1. Head over to Tabula.gg and Connect your wallet

2. Choose your Wallet type → Notification to Connect will popup → Click on Connect

3. Now you will be asked to set up Pinning Service, If you are new here go ahead without setting up the service. Web3 storage is the only one available for free even then you will have a hard time finding the Secret Access token


Pinning Services Available = Pinata, Estuary, Web3 Storage, and NFT Storage

4. You will be shown a warning saying transactions will be expensive(If you are using a L2 It is cheap)

5. You will be asked to give your Publication a Name, LOGO, Tagline, and some tags. Don’t be hard on this here, you can always customize it later but be creative→ Create Publication

6. You will be prompted to Confirm with gas fees → Confirm

7. You will now arrive at the Dashboard. Congratulations you just created a new publication on tabula.gg!

How to Add a New Person with Permission?

Permissions → New Permissions →Enter the Wallet Address and Select the permissions → Add permission → Confirm the transaction

1. Navigate to Permission Section → Click on New Permission

2. Enter the Wallet Address and Select the permissions → Add Permission

Note: You have a wide variety of permissions to select + you can reach out to them for any missing feature.

3. Confirm the Transaction → Confirm

4. That’s it, you just added a wallet address with permissions

How to publish a new post?

New Post → Enter the Content → Customise the post → Publish → Confirm the Transaction

1. Just Click on New Post

2. Enter your wonderful Title → Input the Content → Publish

3. Here you can add a cover Image, Description, and some Tags for your post. Be Creative!

Note: You have the option to add Co-Authors

Publish Now

4. Confirm the Transaction → Confirm

5. You just successfully Published an Article → You can view it in your Dashboard

Closing thoughts

Today tabula.gg is just beginning and is just a tool that you can use to publish your articles together and in a web3 way. If you want to suggest ideas or want to bring in features, you can just request them from the team. They have only just started building. You can even use your creative ideas and use tabula for other than publishing. Maybe being the OG user, you might be even eligible for an airdrop far down the line!

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