August 29th, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • What is tabula.gg?

  • How does tabula.gg works?

  • How to Start Tabula.gg Publication?

  • How to Add a New Person with Permission?

  • How to publish a new post?

  • Summary

  • Useful links

What is Tabula. gg?

Tabula.gg is a decentralized web3 publishing platform that allows Writers, DAOs, and any Ethereum-based account to publish entries together on the distributed peer-to-peer IPFS network, ensuring censorship resistance and no single point of failure. The Gnosis guild developed tabula.gg with Poster(EIP-3722), the graph, and React.

August 19th, 2022

Table of Contents:

  • What is Guild.xyz?
  • Key Features of Guild.xyz
  • How to Create a New Guild?
  • How to Add New Roles with Criteria and Integrate guild.xyz bot?
  • How to Get Access and Roles as a User?
  • Summary
  • Useful links

What is Guild.xyz?

Guild.xyz is a token-enabled membership management tool to create, organize and scale communities on Discord and beyond. It helps anyone to manage their communities by providing roles and token-gated access to channels using Guild.xyz Bot. This allows community managers to control who can see and join specific conversations, making it easier to keep track of who is involved in what discussion. The Guild.xyz bot helps users verify any digital assets they own on the blockchain, which would give them exclusive access to channels and roles. By using the Guild.xyz Bot, community managers can ensure that only the people who should have access to certain information are able to see it which also helps in preventing scammers and shillers.

July 28th, 2022

Table of Contents

  • What is Superfluid?

  • Importance of Superfluid

  • How to wrap your Crypto?

  • How to start a Stream?

  • How to claim crypto as a receiver?

  • How to cancel an active stream?

  • Summary

  • FAQ

  • Useful links

What is Superfluid?

Superfluid is a smart contract framework on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks that allows for the easy, secure, and fast transfer of assets In real time based on pre-determined rules set forth in agreements. With only one on-chain transaction, the money will flow directly from your wallet to the receiver's in real time--no further transactions are necessary. Superfluid enables constant token flows on-chain with no capital lockups. Money streams will continue perpetually until cancellation or the sender's balance runs out. Money streams can also have their stream rate updated at any time for even more flexibility.

July 27th, 2022

What is DODO Crowd-Pooling?

DODO Crowd-Pooling is a type of Crowdfunding which takes care of basic Crowdfunding functions and main objectives by facilitating equal opportunity token distribution and by creating a liquid pool right away. They have found their place in this world through well-known security auditing firms such as Certik, Slowmist, Peckshield, Beosin. Further the Crowd-Pool have successfully managed to raise 292 million dollars with over 109 thousand participants. The bigger name backers to DODO includes Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research and ThreeArrow Capitals.

Table of Contents:

  • Key features of Crowd Pooling

  • The basic process of a Crowd Pooling

  • How to Create a Token?

  • How to Start a Crowd-Pooling?

  • Summary

  • Useful links

July 21st, 2022

What is parcel.money?

parcel.money is an excellent one-stop shop that offers you on-chain DAO financial operations using Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet and infrastructure. They help DAOs to automate the complexity of contributors' payrolls. They also act as a platform to manage contributors at a DAO level. They have already simplified payroll for over 750 decentralized autonomous organizations including IndexCoop, BanklessDAO and OlympusDAO.

Table of Contents:

  • Some of the problems parcel.money is solving
  • How to send a payment request to DAO as a Contributor?
  • How to Import Gnosis safe to parcel.money?
  • How to add contributors and give them Tags?
  • How to create a Recurring pay-out?
  • How to delegate access to Admins & Team leads?
  • How to Integrate Coordinape?
  • How to approve payment requests & Initiate a transaction(delegate access)?
  • How to send a CSV Payout?
  • Summary
  • Useful links
July 20th, 2022

Author(s): FINE | FINE#8385

Editor(s): zerohash | Tet#7609

Last updated: 19th April 2022

July 20th, 2022

Hey! I am FINE & I am doing fine. I will be honest, I am no story teller but I want my story to be out there! Why? Because of the possibilities and opportunities that DAOs are offering right now for everyone. We are entering a new age, an age where age, color, caste, nationality, religion or nothing matters for earning or owning something. What you need is an internet connection and basic ideas about how these DAO things work to make a living, to build your empire or even To start a movement. Okay let's start.

I am an 18year old boy in India working part time for DAOs. What will make most of you interested is the fact that I can earn more than 400 dollars  for a couple of hours mainly because of my knowledge in this field and guys I am just getting started. I know the amount is no big deal but the way I am earning it is something all of you should care about! Why? There is no escape from new technology, when the internet came everyone had no option but to go with it, that's how new tech works. Entered DAOs only in the beginning of march. In case you don't know what a DAO is, it is a decentralized autonomous organization that means an organization that runs by code and no major person has the final say and instead the community has the major say. How is all this possible? Well the answer is Blockchain technology. A new technology is also = things happening that never happened in human history before! Actually I have a lot to say and donno where to start. I may derail from the track from what I am saying so please stick with me.

I got hyped about blockchain technology after watching the comments of top tech leaders on blockchain technology. I started just like most of the people, started trading crypto currency and lost money, my entry to crypto was in July 2021. Started heavily learning about everything from the Coin Bureau youtube channel and the journey of 8months led me to the gem DAOs!! 

I just lost interest in making money and wanted to follow my heart. I always wanted to serve humanity, so I setted out to start an organisation! An organisation where anyone can tell their problems and anyone can make a living for solving those problems! Ironically the organisation name is also FINE. I got this name from my Father, he is a hardworking man who just can't stop working!(farmer blood). Even though the project is still down I learned something. This is something I always knew but I think I fully understood it only when I experienced it. I was behind money making = no value. I was behind something of value to the world and all of a sudden I started earning! 

May 26th, 2022

What is Mirror?

The Mirror is an “essential Web3 toolkit for sharing and funding anything”, a Web 3.0 publishing platform that offers a suite of tools that empower anyone by bringing them one step closer to achieving the full potential of their content. It is also Ethereum's first great alternative to mainstream publishing platforms like Medium and WordPress.

Some of their highlights:

May 22nd, 2022

What is Aragon?

Aragon is a decentralized app (dApp) on the Ethereum blockchain that allows anyone to create and manage a decentralized organization with a suite of applications and services. Aragon was born out of the emergent societal crisis, and failure of democracy. It was founded in 2016 by internet entrepreneurs Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo. The project is open source and led by the Aragon Foundation. Projects using Aragon include Decentraland, BrightID, and Badger.

Some of the other DAOs powered by Aragon: