DAOTOOL101#5: DODO Crowd-Pooling for Equal-Opportunity Token Distribution with Community-Built Pools

What is DODO Crowd-Pooling?

DODO Crowd-Pooling is a type of Crowdfunding which takes care of basic Crowdfunding functions and main objectives by facilitating equal opportunity token distribution and by creating a liquid pool right away. They have found their place in this world through well-known security auditing firms such as Certik, Slowmist, Peckshield, Beosin. Further the Crowd-Pool have successfully managed to raise 292 million dollars with over 109 thousand participants. The bigger name backers to DODO includes Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research and ThreeArrow Capitals.

Table of Contents:

  • Key features of Crowd Pooling

  • The basic process of a Crowd Pooling

  • How to Create a Token?

  • How to Start a Crowd-Pooling?

  • Summary

  • Useful links

Key features of DODO Crowd Pooling

  • Liquid Market

DODO Crowd Pooling will provide a liquid market for the crowdfunded token, which will be managed by smart contract and trading rules. The public pool of crowdfunded token will be established on the DODO platform at the end of the crowdfunding period, and the crowdfunding price will be used as the opening price to open the spot trading market immediately. There can be continuous spot trading between the public pool and the traders. The smart contract will provide the standardization of trading rules, and the trading will be open and transparent.

  • Liquidity Protection

​Liquidity protection period allows a fair market balance between traders and project parties. The liquidity protection period is a measure of the amount of time required for the market to achieve a balanced trading volume. During the liquidity protection period, the originator of the market cannot withdraw the liquidity or force "buy" orders. This assures traders and investors that the market will not suddenly be dominated by a single party.

  • Whitelist

The DODO team can help you configure a whitelist for your project's crowdfunding campaign. This will allow you to specify which users are allowed to participate. Keep in mind that this is not the default option in the front-end, so you will need to get in touch with DODO team to set it up.

Note: If you need to configure the whitelist, you can send an email to : bd@dodoex.io

The content of the email can follow the following template.

-Project Name

-Project description

-Crowdfunding information (crowdfunding network, opening and duration, etc.)

-Whitelist contract address

  • Burning Mechanism

The tokens created with DODO can be configured to automatically burn a percentage of tokens with every on-chain transaction. This helps to ensure that the token supply is reduced over time, providing additional value to token holders.

  • Trading Fees

DODO tokens can be configured to automatically send a percentage of tokens to the creators address with every on-chain transaction.

  • Supports Supply Increase

The tokens created with DODO can be configured to issue additional tokens after creation, giving the creator more control over their project.

  • Delayed Distribution

We can choose to release tokens X number of days after settlement. We can also decide to distribute Y tokens immediately, with the remaining tokens being distributed linearly over Z number of days.

Process of a Crowd Pooling

The project owner creates a set number of tokens for crowdfunding. Each token will have a unit price and a specified amount will be allocated. There is a timeframe during which anyone can add funds and subscribe to the CrowdPooling.

The number of tokens each person receives will be based on how much they added. If there is more money raised than what was planned, the extra funds will be given out according to how much each user added. Over-subscribed funds will be returned to the users Itself.

After the crowdfunding campaign comes to an end, the public pool will be set up on the DODO platform. The price from the crowdfunding campaign will be used as the opening price for the spot trading market.


  1. When creating a crowdfunding pool, the project owner pre-deposits a settlement fee to the smart contract for the end of the crowdfunding period (currently 0.2 ETH for the Ethernet chain and 1 MATIC for the Polygon chain) .

2. At the end of the crowdfunding period, anyone (including the project owner) can initiate a transaction, which ends the crowdfunding and creates the public pool. The person executing the transaction will receive a pre-deposited settlement fee.

How to Create a Token?

1. Head over to the Workshop and Go to Create Token Section

Enter Token Parameters and Select the Special Features In need

2. Connect your Web 3 Wallet

3. Review the Parameters and Click on Create Token

4. Confirm the Transaction

5. See your Newly Created Token in the Workshop

How to start a Crowd-Pooling?

1. Head over to the Workshop and Navigate to Crowdpooling Section

Click on Create Crowdpooling

2. Select the Token and Enter the Details

Note: Only 50% of the Token can be used for Sale. The other 50% will be used for creating a Liquidity pool.

3. Review and Click on Next

4. Input the start and end times for your campaign. You should also select the liquidity protection time frame, then Move to the Next page

5. Input the requirements as needed and click on Create

6. Review the details and Click on Create

7. Confirm the Transaction

8. You have successfully launched your Crowdpooling Campaign.


The DODO Crowdpooling is a way for people to use blockchain technology to fund projects without relying on centralized platforms. This and the Special features could empower DAO organizers, independent developers, or artists to create public goods. The pooling system also makes it easier to start a crowdfunding campaign and get liquidity for your project and token. So far Over 109 thousand people have come together to crowd pool over 292 million dollars for 1.81 thousand projects.

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