ToadzDAO White Paper

Welcome to ToadzDAO

ToadzDAO is a decentralized community founded on the premise of collecting and launching NFTs from the CrypToadz and wider CC0 ecosystem. Using publicly available DAO infrastructure, we coordinate community efforts to further the mission of the DAO.

The DAO Mission The ToadzDAO mission is to support the growth and overall cultural relevance of CrypToadz, its derivatives and CC0 (copyright free) NFT art. We will begin this by launching an NFT project that acts as the DAO’s governance token. Using the Treasury built from this NFT drop, we will create long-term value for CC0 art in a manner best described as !vibe.

While CCO is a powerful tool, it’s often misunderstood or overlooked by both artists and the public at large. ToadzDAO seeks to change this by establishing a Toadz ecosystem that brings together artists, collectors, and creators that want to push the CC0 envelope and work to bring more awareness to CC0 licenses.

The DAO will establish a CC0 incubator program focused on CrypToadz to help artists launch successful projects, while working to bring more awareness to CC0 licenses through community building, education, and outreach. Further down the line we will create a CC0Verse where we can all digitally immerse ourselves in. Along the way, the DAO will build a premier collection of Blue Chip CC0 NFT’s including CrypToadz, Nouns and others. True to the Toadz ethos, the DAO will spread the !vibe by supporting related non-profit organizations that will be voted on by the the DAO. Some examples include Climate, LGBTQ, and anti-bullying initiatives.

The Goals of ToadzDAO

Launch and assist CC0 Projects in gaining wider adoption while building a CC0Verse.

Collect one of the largest collections of Blue Chip CC0 NFT’s in the world.

Give back to the world in the form of Charity as well as raffle CC0 art to our members.

The original CrypToadz were launched as a CC0 project, enabling artists to use the artwork freely without any fear of intellectual property violations. CC0 embodies the ethos of the crypto community, web3, and the open source software movement. We believe that we are in the early days of a technological revolution where NFTs will be a significant factor and intellectual property rights are quickly shifting.

Rather than rely on outdated intellectual property restrictions, NFTs bring ownership on-chain, where provenance can be traced. By employing a CC0 license, there’s no question over the ownership rights beyond what can be found on-chain.

The possibilities and meaning of CC0 licenses, specifically related to NFTs, is overwhelming and often misunderstood. We want to establish the best platform to showcase and market what is possible, and believe our ability to impact the overall ecosystem of crypto & NFTs is greatly increased by acting together as a DAO versus on our own. When our launchpad debuts many may ask why, but for us, supporting and elevating CC0 curious artists is paramount to what we do. Being a member of our DAO allows you to be a part of this project and have a voice in our future.

Who we are…

We are the technologists, the futurists, the dreamers of a new future world. We love the art and we love the !vibe and want to build a community of like minded individuals all !vibing together. We believe that together we can make the world a better place.

How do I become a member?
Membership will be granted to the DAO for individuals who participate in one of our NFT Drops which provide access to the DAO’s discord and governance rights over the DAO’s future.

What are CrypToadz? CrypToadz by Gremplin is a collection of 6,969 unique Pixel Art NFTs. These were deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Each CrypToadz had a mint price of .069 ETH. The CrypToadz community has been expanded via many derivative projects, including Toadz Sockz back by SockzDAO, CryptoFlyz and ZombieToadz. CrypToadz all came with a CC0 licence meaning that essentially there is no copyright and you are allowed to do whatever you like with the art.

What is CC0?
CC0 enables scientists, educators, artists and other creators and owners of copyright- or database-protected content to waive those interests in their works and thereby place them as completely as possible in the public domain, so that others may freely build upon, enhance and reuse the works for any purposes without restriction under copyright or database law.
In contrast to CC’s licenses that allow copyright holders to choose from a range of permissions while retaining their copyright, CC0 empowers yet another choice altogether – the choice to opt out of copyright and database protection, and the exclusive rights automatically granted to creators – the “no rights reserved” alternative to our licenses.

Guiding Principles

Inspired by the work of SquiggleDAO, our Guiding Principles can be broken down into three core areas:

Mission Community Personal

They are written here to act as a focal point for the DAO as we grow, something for the community to refer back to and make sure we stay on course and true to our values.


Support the art - Increase the relevance and historical significance of CC0 art in general and Toadz in particular.

Support the artists - Help CC0 curious artists launch and market their projects.

Collect - Become one of the largest and most discerning collectors of CC0 art


Long-term thinking - We are trying to take the 5 to 10 year view of our DAO

People > Profits - One of the reasons we don’t have a token in the normal sense is that we want to focus on our people and building a strong community.

Fairness - We want all shapes and sizes of CC0 fans to join our DAO.

Transparency - Our strength comes from the collective community, not from hiding information from one another. Of course, there are things that are sensitive (e.g. HR, Legal, etc.) which have to be kept secret, but we strive to work in the open and keep maximum information flow available to everyone in the community.


Communication - We want to communicate authentically and frequently with those within the DAO as well as those outside to better foster a community !vibe

Autonomy - We operate on teams and roles instead of titles and hierarchy. We empower everyone to be a leader and start new initiatives. We take responsibility for our actions, clearly communicate our goals and plans with the DAO to be accountable.

Self-Organization - Our teams are committed to building stronger bonds with other teams within the DAO and seek advice when our decisions affect others. We act as a single organism - sensing, responding, and acting to each other and the outside world. Making all roles, teams, and internal agreements explicit and transparent to the DAO is critical, and it acts as documentation that allows us to operate more freely and efficiently in a distributed workplace.

DAO Governance

Genesis ToadzDAO NFT

The ToadzDAO will deploy an NFT Genesis project that will fund the initial DAO treasury. More details to come on the NFT’s from our upcoming roadmap.

Treasury Proceeds Allocation:

40% - Blue Chip acquisition

25% - CC0 Launchpad & CC0Verse

5% - Charity allocation

14% - On-going DAO maintenance fund

16% - Founding Team

DAO Membership Owning a ToadzDAO NFT allows for governance over what we do with our Treasury and where we position the DAO moving forward. Being part of the DAO opens access to our discord and private channels. In the future we would like to have IRL events as well as special CC0 drops as well as raffles for the community. ToadzDAO NFT’s have no financial value and offer no rights or claims to assets or revenue inside or outside the DAO.

** Reminder - ToadzDAO NFT’s are an NFT governance token and that does not confer any rights to revenue, profit or other value. ToadzDAO NFT’s do not represent a direct claim on the DAO treasury.**

Seasons Structure
Seasons - We want this DAO to be a long term project where the community can !vibe for many years. For this reason we would like to implement seasons where each six month season acts as its own in a self contained way.

Each season will launch its own NFT project that will be added to the total governance token amount. We will initially plan for 10 seasons that run over 5 years. All DAO governance token NFT projects will have an equal number of NFTs launched for each individual season and each token will carry equal voting rights.
NFT Launches from the Launchpad will be official ToadzDAO collaborations or Launchpad approved but will not have voting rights. The DAO has the right to change this via a TDIP.

What is a TDIP (ToadzDAO Improvement Proposal)?
A TDIP is a proposal to update some function or standard with the DAO. TDIPs can vary widely from proposing new initiatives, to requesting funds from the Treasury, to electing members. The TDIP proposal process largely follows the same behavior as Ethereum's EIP process.

This is a high level overview of an TDIP lifecycle:

Informal discussion on the Discord. Forum Proposal If the proposal has >90% agreement, it goes to a Snapshot vote. If not, then: Governance Call & Discussion If it passes, goes to a Snapshot vote Implementation by the parties involved with the improvement.

TDIP User Guide

Context The TDIP process is not just about fulfilling the DAO's functional duties. A streamlined and accessible TDIP process can help cultivate a community which values open collaboration and ensures contributions are recognized and given a clear path to success.


  1. Initial Discussion This is the initial develop + research + discussion on Discord, governance forum, Twitter or any other arena. This is an informal process to understand community interest in a potential TDIP.
  2. Request a TDIP from the team/contributor Once an Alpha team member/contributor feels they have a rough consensus that their idea is valuable, original, and doable they should submit a TDIP request to create an official TDIP. Being able to launch a TDIP currently is allowed by an Alpha team member or someone who controls 1% of the available NFT’s.
  3. Formal Discussion Once the TDIP has been created, a contributor will create a post for the TDIP in the Proposals section of the Forum.
  4. A dedicated Discord channel for the TDIP (for unstructured dialogue) Actions requiring multi-sig execution MUST be put to a Snapshot vote. The proposal forum is used as a formal area to debate the merits of the idea. After 72 hours of discussion of a TDIP. it will be put to a Snapshot vote. For non multi-sig & non structure changing TDIP’s a governance poll in the Governance poll channel can occur with a 48 hour window for debate & voting, after which any vote over 75% will go to implementation. Anything over 50% but under 75% will go to the proposal forum with a Snapshot vote. Options for mediation include a Governance Call to gauge community interest.

Snapshot Voting
When a snapshot voting date has been decided, an TDIP contributor will create a snapshot vote page with the following criteria:

Minimum Quorum: 10% of circulating ToadzDAO NFT’s must participate for a proposal to pass. For Treasury transactions, more than 10% of the tokens must participate.

Passing Threshold: More than 50% of voting tokens must vote FOR for the TDIP to pass. For Treasury TDIP’s 67% must vote FOR to pass

Post Voting Process
After the snapshot voting period has concluded an TDIP Editor will tally votes and update the TDIP post with the related voting data. If a proposal is passed, the TDIP is moved from proposed to approved. If a proposal is rejected the TDIP may be moved to rejected or back to a squad to be revised for future consideration.

In the early stages of ToadzDAO, approved TDIPs will be executed via multisig where necessary. Otherwise, implementation of the TDIP will vary on a case-by-case basis.

Committees & Roles

The initial phase of ToadzDAO will have several squads which are managed by Alpha team leaders, which over time will give way to future season leaders to lead. The initial team leaders will be picked by the Alpha Team but in subsequent seasons will be voted on by the DAO. Outside of leaders, squad members are free to join as long as they are NFT holders. Below are the initial squads to bootstrap ToadzDAO.

Governance Squad - launches, maintains and develops the DAO, website, forum, etc.

Treasury Squad - maintains treasury, as well as planning with Launchpad Squad about future season development. This squad is in charge of acquisitions for our vault as well.

Launchpad & CC0Verse Squad - in charge of our NFT Governance token art each season, as well as our CC0 launchpad for artists. This is a collection of Dev’s, Artists, and Project Managers.

Marketing Squad - develops marketing plans for the DAO as well as Artists launching through our launchpad. Will be responsible with the community for publishing via

Community Squad - this squad acts as both our !vibe team.

Contributors & NFT’s

At ToadzDAO we know that DAO’s survive and live off of the contributions of our members. We have set a 10 season initial run for the DAO with 2 seasons per year. Each with their own allocation of governance tokens. Think of each season as a Governance token emission, with a FDV after 5 years or 10 six month seasons. With that in mind we set a structure for both our Alpha team as well as future contributors:

Distribution of NFT’s for Alpha Team & Contributors

Genesis & Season 1 - 10% of NFT’s held for Alpha team

Seasons 2 - 3 - 10% of NFT’s for Alpha Team & 10% for contributors

Seasons 4- 5 - 5% of NFT’s for Alpha Team & 5% for contributors

Seasons 6 - 10 - 2.5% of NFT’s for Alpha Team & 17.5% for contributors

Current Contributions

Alpha Team - The current Alpha team is being rewarded via Coordinape for the contributions each member makes. In the case of contributions outside of the normal DAO framework a TDIP will be initiated and Alpha Team members will vote to augment the traditional Coordinape data.

Team Wallet - The team wallet will be secured via a 3 of 5 Gnosis Safe multi-sig. All TDIP’s that pass Snapshot voting will then be implemented by the multisig team. Currently the Alpha team members are responsible for the multi-sig but over time the community can vote on members to take over the duties.

Contract - Coming Soon!

Planned Phases

Phase 0 - (aka the Toadpole Phase) - ToadzDAO infrastructure and initial launch planned. The Alpha team will be developing, implementing and launching key pieces of architecture for the DAO. This includes the Discord, multi-sig, and origin NFT for governance of the DAO. The launch of this NFT will fund the DAO Treasury for the initial season and allow us to implement our master plan.

Phase 1 - (aka the Toadlet Phase) - After our treasury is filled. Work will begin on the formation of a key part of ToadzDAO, the CC0 Launch pad. This is an area of the DAO that will be focused on marketing, lobbying and full-life cycle development of CC0 art with Artists, Curators and Collectors. The DAO will be driving awareness to new distinct audiences. In this phase, Season 1 will develop a plan for future seasons. In Phase 1 we will also support CrypToadz and its key derivative projects by acquiring and filling our swamp vault with as many of our frens as possible.

Phase 2 - (aka the Full Grown Degen Toad Phase) - In this phase we will become the place to meet and discuss Toadz, and other CC0 art fans on the individual member level, as well as on the DAO to DAO and commercial level. In this phase we will deploy capital and brain-share to bring CC0 to the next level by becoming a multidisciplinary DAO that works with large and small communities to fulfill our overall mission. Seasons 2 - 10 will be a part of Phase 2.

A note on Phases - It will be up to the DAO to discuss and launch future TDIP’s that govern how the DAO moves forward on future phases of ToadzDAO. The Alpha team believes that DAO’s are not static but constantly kept alive by the hive mind of the community. In that spirit we want the community to build future phases.

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