December 4th, 2021

Welcome to ToadzDAO

ToadzDAO is a decentralized community founded on the premise of collecting and launching NFTs from the CrypToadz and wider CC0 ecosystem. Using publicly available DAO infrastructure, we coordinate community efforts to further the mission of the DAO.

The DAO Mission The ToadzDAO mission is to support the growth and overall cultural relevance of CrypToadz, its derivatives and CC0 (copyright free) NFT art. We will begin this by launching an NFT project that acts as the DAO’s governance token. Using the Treasury built from this NFT drop, we will create long-term value for CC0 art in a manner best described as !vibe.

While CCO is a powerful tool, it’s often misunderstood or overlooked by both artists and the public at large. ToadzDAO seeks to change this by establishing a Toadz ecosystem that brings together artists, collectors, and creators that want to push the CC0 envelope and work to bring more awareness to CC0 licenses.