Orange to Integrate Gitcoin Grant Data for Web3 Netizen NFTs

March 7th, 2022 — Orange Protocol is now making use of publicly available data from Gitcoin, one of the largest project funding communities in Web3. Reputation reports and scores for Orange Web Netizen NFTs will now incorporate user Gitcoin Grant data, a step towards building more comprehensive Web3 reputational models.

In the future, we hope that DAOs, dApps NFT projects, and Web3 communities will be able to leverage data via Gitcoin’s publicly available API in a wide variety of ways with Orange.

Gitcoin users have the chance to be rewarded for their contributions in DAOs that choose to take Gitcoin data into account. This includes voting weighting, airdrop preference, and limitless other uses. Unlike many other NFT projects, Orange NFTs are designed specifically to showcase platform functionality, specifically our Reputation Studio.

Gitcoin Grant contributions can now be part of Orange reputation models.
Gitcoin Grant contributions can now be part of Orange reputation models.

Users mint NFTs by first generating a reputation score via one of our three sample data models. Data models in Orange can include a variety of factors, from NFT transaction history to DAO voting and overall on-chain participation.

Orange is integrating Gitcoin data for our Web Netizen NFT which users can claim by generating a reputation scoring report under our Web3 Activity Evaluation Model.

This model takes into account factors like historical token transaction activity on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the use of various dApps to determine how active a user is. Users who generate a score of 100 or higher are then eligible to claim their NFT on Ethereum, Polygon, or BSC.

More frequent and recent transactions will increase a user’s on-chain activity score, ranging from 0 to 1000. Until now, the main data inputs for the Web3 Activity Evaluation Model included things like transaction timestamps from DeFi projects such as Uniswap, the total amount of on-chain transactions, and a variety of ERC20/BEP20 tokens help. While these are core reputational metrics to determine an individual’s participation in Web3, public Gitcoin data will help paint an even more accurate picture.

Reputation scores can now incorporate a user’s track record of contribution towards funding Web3 projects on the Gitcoin platform.

Therefore, anyone that mints their reputation report using the Web3 Activity Evaluation model will have their scores boosted if they’ve actively made contributions on Gitcoin. And while this will certainly increase the pool of those eligible to mint the Web3 Netizen NFT, our main goal is to show the potential of how Gitcoin data and active contributions will be a substantial part of many other reputation models.

Whether you’re a DAO that wants to migrate from strict token-weighted voting to reputation-based, or an NFT project that wants to identify and reward NFT HODLers and active Web3 participants, now is the time to begin working with the Orange Reputation Studio. You can already experiment by creating reputational models from other notable data sources like Aave, Snapshot, and NFTScan.

And now that public Gitcoin data is now easy to use, Orange Reputational Scoring as a form of dApp and DAO tooling will only get better.

Want to get started building reputation systems into your Web3 project or community? Here are a few key resources to get you started:

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Orange is a protocol for building trustless, decentralized, and portable reputation for Web3 projects, spaces, and communities. By aggregating on and off-chain data, Orange enables the creation of unique reputation reports, scores, NFTs, and credentials for each individual.

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Gitcoin’s mission is to build and fund digital public goods for Web3. By funding projects, building community, and making learning resources accessible, Gitcoin is helping create the digital public infrastructure of tomorrow with over $52.2 million in open source funding to date.

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