KurateDAO's Inspiration: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial


KurateDAO’s curation model is similar to the three branches of the American government.  Each acts as check and balance for the other branches.  

The US Government has:

  • Executive: Enforces laws
  • Legislative: Makes laws
  • Judicial: Interprets laws

KurateDAO has:

  • Scouts: Enforces the bylaws of the database by flagging bad content.
  • Bylaws : The laws of the database that dictate the types of content that should be accepted. Bylaws are established when the database is minted and can either be set to changeable or fixed based on the purpose of the database.
  • Curators: Final decision maker in determining if flagged content should be accepted into the database. 

Every database begins with a set of rules—or laws—legislated by the database creator. These laws are executed as scouts collect and submit rows to the database, and knowledgeable users police content that violates them. Users can speak up and vote if they believe content is unjustly flagged and should be allowed to stay in the database. When a potential violation is seriously disputed, it is judged by the database founder and curator, who makes a ruling and establishes precedent for future scouts and users to take note of.

You can learn more about curation at kuratedao.xyz or by following us on twitter.

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