KurateDAO Secures $6.85 Million in Seed Funding Led by Polychain Capital to Develop the "Curate-to-Earn" Category

March 8, 2022 - New York, NY - KurateDAO, a database built on the blockchain, today announced the close of its $6.85 Million seed funding round, led by Polychain Capital. KurateDAO’s mission is to use economic incentives to curate the world’s information.

Founded in 2022, KurateDAO sees today’s “one size fits all” approach to online content curation as the bottleneck holding back the internet from growing 100x. As the number of Web3 applications continues to increase, they will need to be more nuanced in determining which content is included and how it is monetized. KurateDAO is building the first community curated blockchain-based database to solve this problem.

KurateDAO seeks to harness the power of web3 and communities to decentralize the content curation process. A decentralized curation process allows for more nuance in determining what should be included and why, while enabling decisions to be made quickly and effectively. To incentivize collaboration, KurateDAO pays curators and scouts that organize useful information.  As the database layer, KurateDAO sees itself supporting a new generation of Web3 applications with community curated databases.

“Truth and utility can be determined in many ways. KurateDAO seeks to create economic incentives for people to come together to curate data by driving the process through a transparent and collaborative Web3 court system that has the efficiency of a free-market system to scale the judicial process,” said Michael Fischer, CEO of KurateDAO.

Traditionally, web applications have a centralized curator who determines what is allowed in a database. When one person or organization is unable to review every piece of content, these applications use AI, algorithms, and outsourced labor to determine what should be included and excluded from the database. Companies spend billions of dollars trying to solve the problem of determining the types of content they want on their platform.  Companies have one Terms of Service that applies to all content, even though each genre of content should be curated to different standards and by people with domain expertise.  KurateDAO creates a real financial market for curating news articles, online forum posts, NFTs, music, restaurant reviews, web3 apps, jobs, academic journal articles, and more.

About KurateDAO

KurateDAO was founded in 2022 by Michael Fischer to use crypto economic games to curate the world's information. Before that he was a PhD student at Stanford in computer science studying artificial intelligence. He co-authored the book Regulating AI based on his experience as the head TA for a Stanford Law School class taught by a California Supreme Court justice. Fischer also completed his undergraduate degree at Stanford University in computer science.

To learn more go to kuratedao.xyz.



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