Tech Ideas for the Future

As a database, KurateDAO needs a platform that is fast, low cost, and eco-friendly.  This meshes well with the Avalanche ecosystem.  KurateDAO and Avalanche can work together on the following ideas:  

  • Database Subnet: As KurateDAO scales, our computational requirements will continue to increase.  We would propose moving KurateDAO to an Avalanche subnet.  This database subnet could then be used by many applications in the Avalanche ecosystem.
  • KurateDAO validators: Avalanche uses validators and Snowball consensus to validate computation.  KurateDAO could extend the validation framework that Avalanche has built to include data validation.  Scouts would be data validators in this instance and would then not be tied to a particular database but could instead validate data across multiple databases more easily.
  • Web3 Apps As A Service: As the database layer we want users to build applications that require databases. To help jumpstart the ecosystem, we are developing a “Web3 Wix” where users can easily create webapps in a GUI that are custom to their specific needs.  For example a dapp to curate NFTs, programming jobs, music, makeup recommendation, recipes, etc.  It will be very easy for anyone to customize and host an app using this platform.
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