Forgotten Playland: The Next Chapter

It’s been an exciting couple of months since we first showed everyone a glimpse of what we’re building. Forgotten Playland will become a social party game like no other, but like all good things, that takes time. We would love to take this moment to give an update on where we stand, when the cosmetics are coming, and when the game is expected to launch.

Small disclaimer – We need a little bit more time, but we have something in store to make it worth the wait.

Not just two party games, but more than five

The biggest question that’s been floating around Forgotten Playland is when the game’s expected to launch. We’ve always mentioned the launch to be scheduled in the first quarter of 2024 with two party games to start with, and more games to come soon after. The game studio has been working non-stop to make that deadline, but we feel that we can do better.

That’s why we decided to adjust our schedule slightly. Instead of opening up the gates this month we’re limiting it to a small group to start with. A month later, the game’s full launch is happening with a lot more than we initially planned.

Instead of launching with only two party games, we'll have more than five unique games to begin with. This additional month gives us the extra room to iron out the details and bugs, have a focused presence at GDC in San Francisco, and invite several gaming communities to join us from the very beginning.

Joining Bump-A-Ball and Jungle Rumble as two confirmed games, these are the other party games that you can expect on Forgotten Playland’s launch date, 25th of April, 2024:

  • Paperback Plummet

  • BalanceBeam Bonanza

  • Color Canvas

  • Who knows what else

The path to the Attic

We can’t wait to invite everyone to join us in the Attic, a place of wonders, joy and fierce competition. To get to the stage of opening up the gates for every single one of you, there are some steps to take, and others that we want to take. Obviously, the game itself needs to be stable to handle an influx of players, but we invite you on a walk through the timeline we have sketched up right now:

13th of March, 2024 – Flashing your FP Chain
As a little surprise for all the holders of the Forgotten Playland token, we have taken a snapshot of the current holders per block 19429555. Depending on the amount of tokens you hold, you will be airdropped a unique cosmetic. To ease your mind, the snapshot has already taken place, so you’re either in, or you’re not. There are three different chains, distributed as follows:

  • Top 250: Gold FP chain

  • Top 251 - 750: Silver FP chain

  • Anyone holding 1000 $FP tokens: Bronze FP chain

28th of March – ToyBox Sale
We have a fascinating set of cosmetics lined up that can be used in the game. To bring these to you, we’re hosting a ToyBox sale. In each box, there will be one unique cosmetic, out of a pool of 30 varieties all differing in rarity. The details of this sale will be made available in due course.

25th of April – Opening the Attic
The moment you’ve all been waiting for: the actual launch of Forgotten Playland! This is the moment where we invite everyone to download the latest version of the game and join us in the Attic. Compete against your friends across more than five different party games. That also means you can expect a wide range of clips, teasers and footage of those games in the next few weeks across our socials.

30th of May – First update
After releasing Forgotten Playland, we’ll be regularly updating it with new party games, new cosmetics and more features. The first of these releases will take place at the end of May.

Forgotten Playland ToyBoxes – Coming soon

It feels like only yesterday that we first introduced Forgotten Playland, and showed the first glimpse of the Attic through a wide range of teasers and clips. Instead of launching with just two party games, we’ll be hitting the ground running with a packed Attic with more than 5 party games coming up to make a first impression that will leave everyone astonished.

As we proceed, to give you what you need, it’s time for you to get ready for the ToyBox sale that’s happening in merely two weeks from now. Details on how to participate will be made available in due course.

*Stay tuned as we explore Forgotten Playland!

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