Basement Launches the Fastest API for Web3 Data

If we want better web3 experiences, developers need better tools. That’s why we’re launching Basement API, offering fast access to a wide range of on-chain data. This is our first product on a larger roadmap of tools for web3 builders, focussed on speed and developer productivity.

Exactly one year ago the first lines of code were written for Basement, back then a mobile blockchain explorer. We quickly realized that if we want better UX in web3, developers are gonna need better tools. Today, many of the best web3 products still have large engineering teams wasting hours of work moving data from the blockchains into their own databases.

With Basement API, access to web3 data is easier and faster than ever. We have indexed billions of datapoints, terabytes of NFTs and millions of transfers, so your developers don't have to.

We built the tools we wish we had when entering this exciting space. With Basement, developers can quickly query what's happening on-chain, inside an address, contract or transaction. Where existing RPC nodes allow a limited set of parameters to query on, Basement offers more filters and granularity.

We've benchmarked Basement API to traditional RPC nodes, the results speak for itself. When indexing a list of logs, on a specific set of wallets, we've seen a 800x reduction in calls, thanks to GraphQL and pagination. Bringing indexing time down from an hour to mere seconds.

Developers, I don't wanna hold you up with hype, so here are some useful links to get you started

A short overview of Basement's (upcoming) features.
A short overview of Basement's (upcoming) features.

The entire team will be on Twitter and Farcaster to answer any questions. Please let us know what you think! We cannot wait to see all the incredible applications you will build.

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