April 28th, 2022

Building decentralised applications is hard, the existing tools out there are not optimised for building performant and realtime applications. Builders spend more time on developing indexers and contracts than they spend on building a great experience, Basement is building a way to speed them up while delivering a great experience.

We are thrilled to announce we raised a $750k pre-seed round to make building on Web3 accessible to everyone, from artists to developers. Joining us is an incredible group of investors and founders: Capital T, Connect Ventures, NP-Hard Ventures, Nalden (WeTransfer, Adelee), Robert Gaal (Karma, Google, Quest), Kevin Kalle (Awkward, Adelee), Mills (UsTwo), and James Haycock (Adaptive Lab).

While building our own social NFT app in private beta earlier this year, the team has experienced the pains of building on decentralized protocols first-hand. To give ourselves full creative freedom we had to roll our own custom indexers and Ethereum infrastructure.

Over the past few months we have met many founders and builders struggling with the same issues as we did, wasting engineering hours on infrastructure to build performant and reliable applications. We are now making our indexing toolkit available to everyone, bringing a powerful yet easy-to-use development environment to the new Internet.