Bi-Monthly Recap: 4/19/24

Welcome to the Bi-Monthly Recap! In these posts, we’ll quickly break down everything you need to know from the last few weeks at Talus.

First Funding Round Closed at $3M

We raised $3 million in our first fundraising round, led by Polychain Capital and joined by dao5, Hash3, TRGC, WAGMI Ventures, and Inception. Angel investors from Nvidia, IBM, Blue7, Symbolic Capital, and Render Network also participated. Learn more.

Partnership with Allora

We partnered with Allora, a leader in self-improving AI models. Combining their self-improvement technologies with our onchain smart agents and infrastructure means smarter, faster AI for all. Learn more in our blog post. Plus, we explored it all in our AMA Space with the Allora team.

Partnership with NodeKit

We partnered with NodeKit, the composability layer for blockchains. Together, we’re building smart agents into their SEQ sequencer and Javelin super builder. The result is smarter predictions of block value, meaning more value for protocols and decreased negative MEV externalities. Learn more in our blog post. 

Partnership with Babylon

We partnered with Babylon to unlock Bitcoin liquidity and liquid staking for our smart agent ecosystem. Not only does this unlock numerous DeFi possibilities, but it also offers the security of the Bitcoin L1 for smart agents. Learn more in our blog post.

Community Program Launch

Our community program is live on Zealy! Join the community, grow Talus, and earn rewards. Plus, we rolled out the OG role in our Discord.

Meet the Team AMA

ICYMI, listen back to our Meet the Team AMA Space to find out who’s building Talus and how we’re fostering the Smart Agent Revolution.

That’s it for this week! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming very soon.

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