Wonders of Web2 and Web3

The next list of favorite apps, none from Big Tech, might change anytime. To understand the differences between Web2 and Web3, you might be interested in the following reading.

Web Browsers

🔔 Privacy-focused and the fastest.

Search Engines

🔔 Privacy-focused with own search index.

🔔 Privacy-focused and climate active 🌳.

Social Media

A great one is yet to come 😄. Either based on decentralized technologies, or non-profit and privacy-focused (like Signal but with the ability to meet like-minded people).

Looking forward to testing the following:


🔔 Decentralized.

Office / Collaboration

🔔 Decentralized and encrypted.

Messaging / Calling

🔔 All privacy-focused, with encryption features.


🔔 Decentralized and encrypted.

Crypto Wallets

🔔 All non-custodial, anonymous, and non-browser extension 🔒

Health + Finance


🔔 All privacy-focused, with encryption features.


Haven´t tried yet, but can´t wait to. Check app reviews here.


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