March 13th, 2022

Who is attracted by video games?

For traditional/typical game studios, they act similarly to many other consumer goods manufacturers, making profits by satisfying the needs of consumers. A lot of game players come to different games for fun and pleasure, while game studios design various retailing places to gain money. Nevertheless, not all players have the same willingness to pay or a similar level of time commitment in different games.

Based on the willingness to pay and time commitments, we can simply categorize all players into four categories as follows. Many successful games, especially in crypto, are highly contributed by guilds, who are mainly making a living by playing games and have a high engagement level but not a strong willingness to purchase. Other than guilds, for the general population, more time spent on gaming, higher willingness they have to pay for goods and services in a game. As a result, a successful/sustainable game should have a good chunk of active players and payers, which is the upper right corner in the coordinate system below.

February 23rd, 2022

TL; DR: Different from most data-related middleware: It provides a protocol that defines how data can be stored, updated, and accessed, instead of managing the dataset itself. However, it is still hard to handle real-time data syncs, especially for big data in Web3.0 using Ceramic Network.

All data in ceramic network will be stored in IPFS in three standard doctypes: 3IDs, account links and tiles.

First, data will be formatted as designed in tile files, which make tiles the basic block of all files. Other types of information can also be stored in tiles. Metadata, policies (collection policy, service policy, and privacy policy), agreements and claims are all use cases of tiles.

February 11th, 2022

随着视觉艺术家、篮球明星入局NFT市场,再加上2021年下半年gamefi市场的火爆,我们见证了一个完成了许多暴富神话的NFT市场。相比于PFP(profile pic,头像)NFT市场的全面爆发,目前音乐NFT市场仍然在相对早期。提起头像NFT市场,我们能想到的是CryptoPunks、BAYC、Doodles,但提起音乐NFT,耳熟能详的却可能不多。年初,3LAU在Royal上通过销售音乐NFT轻松获得7位数收入,并且将音乐版税收入的0.15%分给NFT持有者。

把音乐NFT当作一个常见的商品市场,一个市场能够快速的启动并且健康且持续的增长周期的关键是需求和供应的共同增长推动整体市场体量的增长。需求的增长除了fomo(fear of missing out,怕踏空)等市场热情之外,还需要本身商品为消费者创造价值(情绪价值或实用价值),这就离不开优质音乐人的加入和高质量音乐的产生。而这则需要越来越多的艺术家加入NFT的世界。


音乐行业90%的收入被头部1%的艺术家占据,已经是不争的事实。在高度垄断的市场,新兴艺术家想要入场并打开市场尤为困难。头部艺术家不仅有足够的启动资金筹备音乐的制作,还有大厂牌支持和站台帮助他们宣发。不止如此,大音乐厂牌公司的存在更加加剧了这种两极分化的存在。他们有足够的资金招募最顶尖的音乐制作团队,和足够强大的关系网络宣发音乐、打开市场局面、占据新闻版面。但最近新媒体形式的出现如Youtube、Instagram和Tiktok的出现,让局面逐渐发生了变化。厂牌公司已经没有耐心从头培养自己的音乐人,他们更习惯于从上述社交平台上挑选积累了足够眼球关注的艺术家加入自己的公司,就比如近些年走红的Billie Eilish也是在Sound Cloud上积累了足够的人气才被经纪公司发掘。