May 26th, 2022

What is freedom? How do we measure it? What are we moving towards in regards to increased freedom on a sociological level?

All great questions, but what was most fascinating was the take that Hanzi Freinacht took on the topic. You may notice that I’m quoting Hanzi quite a lot these days, and for good reason. (okay maybe I’m fanboying a little bit, but his writing is stunning).

The Subtle Components of Freedom

May 26th, 2022

Sparked by the School of Life, I’ve been contemplating the components of emotional development. I’ve been asking myself questions like:

  • How do we know when we’re developing emotionally?
  • What are the signifiers?
  • What are some ways to develop emotionally?
  • How do we recognize emotional immaturity?

Throughout that exploration, I’ve come up with these various markers of emotional maturity that you can use to gauge your own developmental process.

May 26th, 2022

So the question for us is what Meaning 3.0 might look like. Can we architect culture that balances the salvation of traditional religion with the inclusion of liberalism? Can we do it not by top-down fiat but rather by bottom-up mobilization? And is truly inclusive salvation even a thing we can hope for?

A viable candidate for Meaning 3.0 will need to fulfill the pro-social functions of traditional 1.0 Faith—Inspiration, Healing, and Connection. And, to stand a chance of helping the world, it needs to fulfill the inclusive promise of 2.0 Modernism, and be Open Source, Scalable, and Anti-fragile.

We need to reinvent religion. ... By bringing a Human-Centered Design process to the challenge of Meaning.

  • How might be think about the challenge of finding meaning in life on a mass scale?
  • How might we open-source experiments on the very operating systems within ourselves that give us feelings of connection and purpose?

We went over the major problems of Meaning 1.0 and 2.0 in part 1, now let’s dive into a solution — Meaning 3.0!

In the same way that science hypothesizes and validates how things work in the material world, we’re attempting to do the same thing for the inner world and the process of meaning creation.

January 23rd, 2022


Usually, writers go to great lengths to fund their own writing projects by working other gigs, painfully asking for donations, or putting their most valuable content behind paywalls. All of these methods have drawbacks, in the forms of limited time or limited creative freedom for the author.

Therefore, I’m choosing to crowdfund this article and give fractional ownership to everyone that contributes.

January 19th, 2022

On harmonizing our inner ecologies

How I personally experienced adolescence was like a one-two punch. First, I was conditioned with the idea that I was broken and there was something wrong with me. And if that wasn’t enough I believed that the only way to be fixed was by working harder, judging myself, and hating all of my flaws. And thus, my relationship to personal growth was that resistance is good and I need to fight it and force it into compliance.

Let’s talk about why you ARE enough, and how to reconnect with the inner intelligence that knows exactly what you need.