Paradigm shapeshifting climate action

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN calls for urgent dramatic radical action.

Here are some ideas… Impactful, logical, agreeable, politically correct.

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Leadership with vision

Not saying: “please do something”

Instead: “here is the plan”

Climate change is not a technical problem - coordination problem - someone needs to lead the charge with an actionable plan.

1️⃣ End the war now

Starting from ending the war, as long as it continues there is loads of uncertainty.

The war is not serving anyone.

It can potentially lead to a nuclear option.

The world would be more stable if the war ended now.

2️⃣ Putin exit option

For example: mental health issue.

Losing touch with reality.

Getting high on power and drugs.

3️⃣ International jurisdiction for disputed land

Boys cannot agree so noone can have it.

It is destroyed / loads of land mines anyway.

Fewer people live there now.

Breadbasket for the world (fertile soil), potentially even new home for climate refugees.

Longer term we will find out a workable solution, for now international jurisdiction is the most agreeable.

4️⃣ Strategic food reserve

In case future harvests will be even worse than the current one.

5️⃣ Price for CO2

Just please don’t call it “carbon tax”. I really don’t like taxes. Taxes seem oppressive.

I much prefer free market - market price for CO2.

  • You can still eat meat

  • You can still fly

  • You can still use private jet

Freedom. Free market. Personal liberty. Just don’t externalise harm.

Loads of products are too cheap, need to pay for the true cost.

6️⃣ End-to-end tracking CO2 across supply chain

Producers of every single good are responsible for the entire lifecycle of the product.

Cost of disposal built into the price of the product = clear incentive to make it reusable.

(recycling as a scam perpetrated by producers of single use stuff in order to shift responsibility towards consumers)

It was possible to develop COVID tracking app, surely it is possible to develop CO2 tracking app. It can also help with global trade and shipping industry, moving goods faster through the border.

7️⃣ Accounting for externalities

I’ve figure it out there is a market gap.

Capitalism is efficient but often the damage is externalised elsewhere: nature, future, vulnerable communities.

I’m literally working on a to address that, better accounting for value:

8️⃣ Restructure unsustainable debt

Debt. Interest. Compound interest. Exponential growth. Resource extraction. Climate change

The situation is similarly dire in Pakistan, where 47 percent of government revenues will have to be used to service foreign loans this year. The consequences for the people of these and many other countries are already dramatic: Governments are no longer able to pay salaries, for example, or finance imports of energy or food, and the fall in the value of their currencies is exacerbating inflation, poverty and hunger.

Debt situation was described on this blog already:

9️⃣ Ecosystem restoration / land use / food system

Currently loads of land is used towards agriculture to grow food for animals, that has loads of 2nd order effects 🐄💨💩

We need more land for nature based carbon drawdown. That will make meat more expensive, that will shift customer preferences towards plant-based diet, which is better for health, better for animals, better for the planet. Everyone wins.

Another easy win is water retention. Buffer for drought. Buffer for floods. After long periods of drought it goes to flood directly as dried up soil is unable to absorb water.

2nd order offect - preventing mosquitos - ideally through balanced ecosystem restoration, natural predators. On the upside - water storage can act also as energy storage.

1️⃣0️⃣ Unifying narrative

It all starts from the belief.

Media telling better stories.

Media telling truth, as opposed to entertainment, as opposed to chasing engagement metrics with celebrity gossip.

Yes, it is really bad, here is why

40 years of climate denial, educating about “uncertainities in climate science” and related inaction.

Yes, we can still mitigate damage, here is how: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Related to media is better education.

But all education can be seen as propaganda, so emphasis on independent critical thinking and sensemaking.

Radical change is possible

I actually like the meme of “Great Reset”, radical change is easier than nuanced negotiation

“own nothing and be happy”

I actually do not need to own my shoes - a subscription changes the business model of fashion trends, throwaway fashion and planned obsolescence. But it has to be openly, transparently, democratically - avoiding conspiracy theories and totalitarian government that puts people to jail for unpopular thoughts.

Or maybe stick to "Great Reset" but run it openly, transparently, democratically
Or maybe stick to "Great Reset" but run it openly, transparently, democratically

But who has authority to enforce these?

UN was created in 1945 after WW2 with the intention to prevent full-on WW3.

Now we are in 2023 with completely new set of circumstances (internet, blockchain, real time data, social media, Google, AI)

Would be great to get some platform…

15,364 scientists signed "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice"

The second notice has more scientist cosigners and formal supporters than any other journal article ever published.

Can we get the Guiness World Record with 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10?

That could get some press and platform.

Ending the war is absolutely necessary to progress with meaningful climate action, otherwise loads of uncertainities about potential nuclear escalation, food security, energy security.

Ending the war is something needs to happen anyway.

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