Reasons for urgent action. Strategic Food Reserve.

There is Strategic Petroleum Reserve and when fuel was getting more expensive, president Biden increased the supply:

This prompted us to investigate whether Strategic Food Reserve exists and unfortunately not.

This is a no-brainer

Excellent (and not too long) article, posted on 25 Feb 2022, day after the 🇷🇺🇺🇦 invasion:

  • Simple

  • Obvious

  • Practical

  • Reasonable

  • Make sense

Cost-benefit analysis, risk-reward ratio - I see no downside. It can even boost farmer profits - if too much food is produced it can provide the demand side.

Even before I found this excellent article I tried to contact WFP, WHO, UNICEF, ALLFED:

The whole purpose of Strategic Food Reserve is to keep strategic reserves of food. Holding money does not help, if there is not enough food to go around.

Key area of concern: MBBF multiple breadbasket failure

Existing delays. Urgent action.

  • Measurements with delay

  • Scientific papers with delay

  • IPCC reports with delay

  • Climate itself acts with delay

  • Politicised process, unanimous consensus 🤷‍♀️

    • Russia - UN Security Council veto

    • Saudi Arabia, Quatar - oil

    • Brazil, Argentina - beef

    • United States - previous president climate change denier

  • Decades of misinformation (confusion, educating about “uncertainties in science”)

  • Tipping points

  • Feedback loops

  • Non-linear changes

  • Fragility of the climate system

  • Underestimating interdependencies

  • Obsolete climate models, established during time when climate was stable

How do we know that?

  • Facts

  • Research

  • Data

  • Science

  • Papers, journals, articles

  • Education

  • Experience

  • Common sense

  • My own observations (hottest day, strongest wind, fallen tree in my garden)

  • Friends, discussions, conversations, debates, arguments, counter-arguments

  • Debating climate change deniers on Twitter

I genuinely enjoy heated debates but trolls on Twitter were quitting on me. That made me think… No real troll seeking attention and controversy would quit a heated debate with a guy like me. The simplest explanation that came to my mind:

Russia is the only country that benefits from climate change and melting Arctic - opening Northwest Passage. All the climate change deniers are Putin trolls.

(other countries that could potentially benefit - Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland - all these have high Human Development Index and World Press Freedom Index - extremely unlikely they are engaging in misinformation or propaganda)

Cannot prohibit talking about denial (Streisand Effect) but by associating climate change denier with Putin supporters - it can help reduce the intensity of the claims and change the dynamic.

In all other cases where freedom of speech is on the line - supporting free expression. The difference with climate denial is that my own personal safety is at stake. Flat Earth belief is harmless, climate change denial delays action that in turn will cause people to lose lives.

(they are already losing lives due to climate related situations)

Radical change easier than nuanced negotiation

10x — new paradigm, uncharted waters, infinite possibilities

10% — nuanced negotiation, incremental process, business as usual

Revolutionary change:
Revolutionary change:

We have received loads of praise for END WAR NOW strategy and exit option for Putin.

Exit option continued in discussion on Telegram channel...
Exit option continued in discussion on Telegram channel...

Singularity activation

➡️ Peace deal between Ukraine and Russia - initial 💡💡💡

➡️ Attempted coup in Russia - happened soon after, gave me loads of hope

➡️ Alien invasion - this meme keeps appearing more and more

➡️ Elon Musk + Mr Beast + Daniel Schmachtenberger

Elon: obviously. Mr Beast: biggest YouTube channel (164m subs as of now).Daniel: philosopher, system thinker, thought leader. Loads of this content is massively inspired by him.

Radical change is possible

And in the meanwhile - Strategic Food Reserve

Less grain for 🐄💨💩

Beef so damaging...

…and the customer preferences can be changed so easily by accounting for the cost

We really hope the harvest will be good and Strategic Food Reserve won’t be necessary. With that said, this is something that should exist one way or another to ensure there is always enough food to address any extreme climate events.

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