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Each day that passes takes us one step closer to the highly anticipated mainnet launch of the Oases NFT marketplace. Today we will start exploring the features we are working on to make Oases an attractive platform to use as an artist. The platform is under constant improvement and development, so many features are naturally not definitive yet. There are many exciting functionalities and perks that can and will be added along the way as the project progresses. Therefore, we intend to keep this go-through on a fairly general level with more details coming as the mainnet approaches and finally launches. But, let us now focus on the reasons why we think Oases is the perfect place to be for a creator.

Key advantages

  • Innovative features and functionality (Custom and instant royalties, NFT launchpad, and crowdfunding)
  • Decentralized and non-custodial platform
  • Artist certification system and creator incentives
  • Community focus and responsive support


One of the most common remarks we received during the ongoing testnet activity is that the Oases platform is easy to use and has a very good UI. A clear and easy interface for all users is the foundation of the project and is something that defines a successful platform. Creators will benefit from a good interface with functionality that is easy and straightforward.

A driving force behind the Oases project is the awareness of the limitations of current marketplaces in the NFT space. In many cases, there is just the most basic functionality to buy and sell NFTs and to mint them for creators, but we see tremendous opportunities to build out new exciting functionality and add more options and flexibility.

Minting interface with customizable royalties for monetization of secondary market sales
Minting interface with customizable royalties for monetization of secondary market sales

Creator royalties are one area of focus where we enable a high level of customization, giving more freedom to the creator. As all NFT trading on the platform will be on-chain, royalties for secondary market sales will be executed when the transaction is submitted to a block, making royalties practically instant with the next block.

How Oases Seedpad could look like
How Oases Seedpad could look like

As can be seen in the picture above, one of our innovative functions is the option to crowdfund an NFT collection through our NFT launchpad named Oases Seedpad. For the users, this will be like buying a lottery ticket and this will lower the barrier significantly and make even more expensive collections a possibility for everyone. As a user, you buy a ticket that will be cheaper than an actual NFTs would be in a normal public sale as you sell more tickets than minted NFTs. The NFTs are later distributed randomly to some of the ticketholders and hopefully, you will be the one to get an NFT for participating. Still, some ticketholders will not receive an NFT but one functionality in the Seedpad is that the collection creators can choose how much of the secondary market royalties will be distributed to the ticketholder which is everyone who showed interest and support but not got an NFT in every case. This can be a powerful way for creators to attract interest from a broader set of users than only the NFT holders.

A sneak peek of the things to come
A sneak peek of the things to come

At the current stage of Oases, much of the functionality is in the pipeline and we are working tirelessly to provide unique functionality to the NFT market. Naturally, more details on all different functionality will come as we progress towards the mainnet launch and beyond. We have an extensive roadmap focusing on innovative functionality benefiting artists and the community alike. We hope to have a mutual continuous discussion with the community to make the ecosystem as good as possible and to be the best option for all users.


Oases marketplace is a custom-built modular smart contract system on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that we can safely upgrade and iterate it independently to implement further product functionality. This also makes it possible for Oases to implement a range of different features not available to most other NFT marketplaces. By building the platform on blockchain-based smart contracts, we leverage decentralization and therefore, the marketplace is, in contrast to many other platforms, non-custodial for the highest security and transparency for all parties involved. By building on the Ethereum blockchain we achieve compatibility with the rest of the Ethereum NFT ecosystem and also intend to aggregate other Ethereum-based marketplaces to act as a one-stop solution for NFTs. The intention is to also integrate non-Ethereum blockchains to bring the larger NFT ecosystem together, which we see as increasing synergies to the benefit of all the users. By being decentralized, running smart contracts will always require gas fees for NFT activity on the platform. While there are platforms offering "free" NFT trading and minting, it is merely a result of centralized and custodial handling of NFTs. We believe this to be a big vulnerability, which is a big reason for our decentralized architecture and something discussed in further depth in our article on digital ownership.

Creator verification system

While not unusual in the NFT marketplace industry, we are designing a verification system to increase the credibility and transparency of the platform. While there will be incentives for new creators joining the platform to ensure diversity, earning the "verified creator" badge is the opportunity for long-term incentives, financially with reduced fees as an example but also practical incentives such as personalized service from the project team.


With the launch of our genesis NFT collection, we are aiming for visual cohesion to enable a strong brand. Together with a range of other community-building efforts, we want to foster a strong community to interact with and also reward early adopters of the platform. A strong community will ensure our efforts to support creators on the platform with exposure through Oases channels. We have already, during our testnet phase, strongly increased our following in socials and recently held our first community AMA. Also, Oases will have strong around-the-clock support for all users of the platform to build credibility and a sense of assurance across the community by actively interacting regarding potentially arising issues.

If you are a creator and have any further questions, please reach out directly through our email address pr@oases.com or our socials.

About Oases

Oases represent the Metaverse, the new oasis of humanity. It also indicates that NFTs, starting as niche collectibles are rejuvenating the art market. Oases, as its name implies, is an open, innovative, and vibrant community. We are committed to providing trendy, engaging, and distinctive products and functions to meet the demands of our users.

Stay Tuned

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