Decentralization: the future of the web

If one issue stands above anything else today it is.. trust. Or better; a lack of it. Web 3 can help take the power back. To the individual. Decentralize ownership. Fix trust.

There is lack of trust between citizens. Between teams. From customers. In business. From government. In journalism. In science. Between countries. In politics.

To fix trust is to fix the world.

Globalization has brought enormous wealth. But also immense centralization. We need more decentralization. To make globalization work better.

We have all experienced it. You think you dislike a particular group of people. Supporters of this political party, that football club, this competitor, that country.

Now you meet a person 1-on-1 from that group. And he or she; is reasonable.. A normal person. Good things, bad things. But; human.

That is what decentralization does. It creates trust and power to the individual. Takes away the groups, the herds, the centralized powers.

Enter Web 3..
Web 1 gave us a visual layer on the internet. Free, distributed information flow, accessible for anyone. Permissionless. Decentralized by design.

Web 2 gave us a layer for everyone to be heard, to react, to publish. And for commerce to prosper.

But it came with filters, echo chambers, bubbles. Hosted by centralized 3rd parties with incentives misaligned to their users. Incentives to promote clickbait. Sellout the users that grew them (advertisers and consumers). And last but not least: apply censorship. Centralized rights or obligations nobody ever asked for or wanted (even the 3rd parties like Facebook, Amazon, etc). But that is what comes with ownership: rights AND obligations.

Web 3 has the potential to fix the web. Bring decentralization back. Create decentralized, digital ownership. A way to trust each other. Without a 3rd party. A community where everyone benefits. A win-win-win.

But as with any technology it depends on how we will use it.

We are still early. Let’s do this.


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