Web3ite Onboarding Carnival - you are invited!
January 18th, 2023

Dear Web3 users,

Happy new year!

Since we launched our inaugural product Web3ite Pass on December 26th, 2022, we've received a lot of inquiries and our community has seen significant growth. We now have:

  • 10k followers on Twitter

  • 9.2k members on Discord

    We've also established partnerships with:


  • TwitterScan

  • NNS


In a nutshell, Web3ite Pass is the certificate NFT of the Web3.com ecosystem. Each Web3ite Pass is an Ethereum ERC-721 NFT and corresponds to a unique "web3.com" domain name. If you choose the name "abc" and mint a Web3ite Pass, you can own and manage the "abc.web3.com" page.

The Web3.com domain names are easy to remember and naturally draw the attention of every explorer in the blockchain industry. You can use the showcase page as a personal name card, a project/organization profile, or for thematic content.

At the alpha stage, you can display your logo, name, introduction, blockchain address, socials and content links, and team members. Feel free to refer to some examples of a web3.com profile:

More features will be added including on-chain asset showcase, content publishing, data analytics, subscription, etc.

Onboard with us from today!

In the new year of 2023, we'll be holding this Onboarding Carnival to streamline the onboarding process and help promising projects gain the traffic and exposure they deserve. To onboard with us, simply fill out a form, and our staff will guide you through the whole process.

Phase 1 - Get the Tickets!

  • Fill out the domain name reservation form: Web3.com Domain Name Reserve List

  • We'll review the submission and reach out to you for further confirmation.

  • We'll make an announcement once the partnership is established.

  • You'll be invited to our Discord Weekly Mission channel for future events.

Phase 2- Mint the Web3ite Pass

  • Pass minting for projects will be opened in batches. Once it is opened, go to our website, mint the Pass and you'll be able to edit your profile.

Phase 3 - Onboarding

  • After making sure that your profile is set up, we'll make an announcement to celebrate your joining the family!

  • Your profile may be featured on Web3 Space - the discovery page for profiles and projects with the best engagement during the event.

*This event is for projects only. If you are an individual user and want to get early access to a .web3.com domain, please refer to other campaigns we are holding. Follow us on Twitter and Discord to make sure you don't miss anything.

Why onboarding with Web3.com?

One of our aims of issuing the Web3ite Pass is to aggregate Web3 project information and help investors discover projects and opportunities. By doing so, we hope to help projects and the whole blockchain industry grow and realize wider adoption. As a Web3 project or organisation, you can expect the following support from us:

  • A unique .web3.com domain name and the corresponding profile page. (The Web3site Pass minting is required)

  • Dedicated posters, Twitter annoucement support, and community/website promotion.

  • A membership of Discord Weekly Mission channel for posting your missions.

  • Opportunities to get token incentive support for your missions from Web3.com to help build your community.

  • Opportunities to get invited to Web3 TV (A live video show to be created and planned by the team of Web3.com, with each episode inviting experts to discuss trendy topics of the industry) to amplify your brand's voice.

  • And more exciting tools to come!

The Onboarding Carnival will be a long-term event and we hope to collect feedback to improve our functionalities and features further. Therefore, feel free to talk to us if you have any questions or needs! To find out more about Web3.com:

Product Wiki: https://wiki.web3.com/

Mirror: https://mirror.xyz/0x3ddf8c8089792d2DaC6E8Beb4281923b76881F99

Email: official@web3.com

About Web3.com

Web3.com is a Web3 information aggregation service, dedicated to guiding and serving new and experienced users in the vastness of Web3 while synthesizing and displaying all kinds of information available on- and off-chain. Through Web3.com, anyone and anything in the Web3 world can interconnect and explore the gigantic network that goes along the Web3 paradigm and spirit.

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