Web3.com Lunar New Year 2023 Celebration: 15K USDT Worth of Rewards Up for Grab

Dear Web3ers,

Greetings from Web3.com! As the Lunar New Year 2023 approaches, we would like to celebrate this very special occasion by giving away Web3ite Passes Coupons to the community in the format of a lucky draw. We invite you to mint your own Web3ite Passes on our testnet to get a first-hand experience of Web3ite Pass and to explore our functions and services. A total worth of 15K USDT of coupons is available to be claimed. Users with coupons can apply them once Web3ite Pass is open for public minting on our mainnet. Make sure to participate before the event ends!

Click here to learn more about Web3ite Pass: https://wiki.web3.com/product/website-pass

Details of the Lunar New Year Event

How to Participate: Mint Your Web3ite Pass on testnet.web3.com

See below for the tutorial on How to Mint Web3ite Passes on Web3.com testnet

Rewards (Total Worth of 15K USDT):

30 Coupons for 3-character Domain Names, 50 Coupons for 4-character Domain Names, and 100 Coupons for 5-character Domain Names in the format of Lucky Draw.


  1. Snapshot of participating addresses will be taken after the event closes to make sure all addresses are included in the lucky draw.

  2. The link to claim coupons will be available after the event closes. Please stay tuned with us for the link.

Event Period: 7 AM UTC, Jan 16th - 7 AM UTC, Feb 5th

When to Claim Your Coupon: 9 AM UTC, Feb 6th - 9 AM UTC, Apr 30th (stay tuned for the link)

Tutorial: How to Mint Web3ite Pass on Web3.com Testnet

Step 1: Go to https://testnet.web3.com/, click Connect Wallet and choose your wallet.

Step 2: After connecting your wallet, open the list of networks and click Goerli Test Network to switch to Goerli. You may then claim testETH on Goerli to perform transactions on testnet.web3.com.

Step 3: Claim Testnet ETH on GOERLI FAUCET (https://goerlifaucet.com/).

Input Wallet Address (the one you used to connect to testnet.web3.com), then click Send Me ETH.

Note: You might need to connect Alchemy account before receiving testnet tokens through GOERLI.

Step 4: Check your wallet for Goerli ETH (0.2 ETH is sufficient to perform minting on testnet).

Step 5: Go back to testnet.web3.com, input your desired name and click BUY.

Note: Click here to check the pricing: https://wiki.web3.com/product/website-pass/buy-web3ite-pass ;click here for Rules of Web3ite Pass Names: https://wiki.web3.com/product/website-pass/buy-web3ite-pass#regular-release-rules

Step 6: Click PAY WITH WALLET to proceed.

Step 7: Click Confirm to complete minting.

Step 7: After the transaction succeeds, click Management to manage your Web3ite Pass.

Note: It might take a few minutes to mint your Web3ite Pass, please kindly wait.

Step 8: You can view all Web3ite Passes you have successfully minted. You may edit them at any time you like.

Step 9: Click EDIT to edit your own Web3ite Pass.

Step 10: Choose which type of Web3ite Pass you would like to use: Individual Page or Organization Page.

Step 11: Feel free to edit your avatar and page name, add description, new addresses and personal links that you would like to showcase to the community. Stay creative & stay imaginative💪

Step 12: Check your page and save before exiting.

Step 13: Go back to My Passes and View your Web3ite Passes. Click the dots and choose View NFT to view your Web3ite Pass. Feel free to use this as your very own identity in the Web3 world.

Disclaimer: All rights reserved by Web3.com.

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