Charlie Chen April Meeting Room: Exploring, Building a Global Decentralized Network Gateway for Individuals and Organizations.

Hello everyone, I'm Charlie Chen, the Marketing Director of On April 2023, we held four community AMA events, participated in the Hong Kong Web3 Carnival Conference, and launched a pop-up sale activity for the community.

I would like to express our sincere thanks to those who have supported us:

  • Charles Community, @charles48011843

  • Mirror World Community, @joinmirrorworld

  • Crypto Bookstore Community, Shawn @0xthefool

  • And our ever-supportive Fam Discord community at

To help those who couldn't attend the AMAs understand our business model, product features, development progress, and activities, we have compiled the transcripts of the four AMA sessions for easy reading, indexing, and discussion.

Hello everyone, I'm Cathy, the host of this AMA for Freetalk. Please welcome our guest speaker @CharlieChen, who will give us a detailed introduction to

Charlie Chen:
Hello everyone, my name is Charlie Chen, and I'm the CMO of the project. It's great to have this opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas with all of you in this Freetalk chatroom.

The last Freetalk session was conducted on Discord, with few participants. So, this time, we are trying to meet with everyone in the form of text. In the future, we will also explore other ways to communicate with you and welcome any suggestions. It has been over a month since the early bird sale of started, and the project has been in development for a period. Some friends already understand our project well, while some new friends have joined us. Currently, our social media account on Twitter has accumulated over 25,000 followers, and the global community has surpassed 20,000 members. Our Chinese community is also growing rapidly, and since the early bird sale started, we have expanded to four member collaboration groups with nearly 1,000 members in total.

Whether you are a new friend or an old team member, the rapid development of the project would not have been possible without your support. We are very grateful that you chose to join and learn about in these early stages.

If you are not familiar with the project yet, don't worry, we are happy to introduce it to you. is a blockchain-based information aggregation and domain service platform aimed at helping users easily own their Web3 identity and brand, and build a personal or business blockchain ecosystem with it. We provide a range of features, including personal identity authentication, personal business cards, ecosystem construction, and more. In addition, we will continue to provide customizable domain names, allowing you to easily have your own unique website.

Host: Thank you very much for the introduction, Charlie. Could you please explain to our audience what Web3 is for those unfamiliar with the concept?

Charlie Chen: Sure, no problem. Many people have contacted us and our ambassadors privately expressing their curiosity about the Web3 concept. Although the industry has been talking about Web3 endlessly, it is actually a strange concept for most people. While many of our community members may already be familiar with concepts like decentralization, for those who are not, let's take some time to look at it together. Simply put, Web3 refers to the next generation of the internet based on distributed networks and blockchain technology. Compared to the centralization, data privacy, and trust issues of Web2, Web3's distributed, decentralized, and transparent features make it more secure, trustworthy, and scalable. The core of Web3 is the Ethereum blockchain, which enables secure transactions without the need for trusted third parties through smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). Web3 is a growing ecosystem that will bring us a more open, transparent, autonomous, and fair internet. Here are some examples: First, from the perspective of domain names, in the Web2 era, domain names were only identifiers used to access websites. For example, a domain name like "" was used to access the Google search engine website. In the Web3 era, domain names are no longer just identifiers for accessing websites, but an important part of decentralized identity. Using Web3 technology, users can associate their identity information with a unique and easy-to-remember domain name, such as "", which can be used for blockchain wallet addresses, smart contracts, and more.

Second, from the perspective of website building, in the Web2 era, websites were generally built on centralized servers, such as those provided by cloud service providers. This approach has some problems, such as security and reliability risks. In the Web3 era, your domain name is directly linked to your encrypted wallet, and sharing website content and domain name resolution can also be stored on the blockchain using decentralized technology. Websites built in this way can be more decentralized, transparent, and in line with the principles of Web3. I hope the above examples help you better understand the difference between Web3 and Web2. Decentralized traffic entry Lastly, let's talk about our project brand. In fact, many friends familiar with the blockchain industry are not unfamiliar with the term is a very unique brand that is one of the top domain names and brands in the industry. At the beginning of the project, the team formulated a clear goal and vision to build into a decentralized traffic aggregation platform for the decentralized internet. Because itself has natural SEO advantages, we will make full use of this product's natural advantages and continuously refine it to build into a brand that serves as a decentralized traffic entry for the future.

Host: Next question: How will achieve its vision of becoming a decentralized gateway for traffic?

Charlie Chen: Well, our team is very decentralized, with a distributed global work structure. Our product team is based in Europe, with colleagues from the UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands, as well as colleagues in Singapore and Hong Kong. Therefore, in the project initiation process, we will consider more global applications. We believe that the most promising products for large-scale global applications in the future will be in the Web3 industry. Our project will continue to work towards this goal. Let me give you a preview of our upcoming offline event schedule. The footage of the HK conference is being edited. From May 19th to 26th, the Ethereum Ecological Community Conference will be held in Montenegro, and Web3 TV will follow up with filming to provide you with the latest content. In late November, the London Blockchain Conference, we also have plans to interact with European projects organically, exploring more possibilities for cooperation. Regarding your question, we mentioned it in our previous sharing session. hopes to fully meet the core needs of the entire industry chain through our three important product lines: decentralized identity authentication (DID), information aggregator, and on-chain resolution.

These three product features are: Web3ite Pass, a decentralized identity authentication NFT (DID) based on Ethereum, which currently supports Ethereum and will support multiple chains in the future. With Web3ite Pass, whether you are an individual user or an organizational user, you can directly aggregate on-chain and off-chain information onto your display homepage. The second core product feature is Web3 Space, a space that can aggregate information from the Web3 world. It helps users discover the main components of the Web3 industry in a systematic way, including individuals, projects, and organizations. The third core product feature is Web3 Link, which can lower the threshold for users to access decentralized networks and make it more convenient and user-friendly. With Web3 Link, users only need to enter a URL (such as in the browser to access the corresponding ENS content in decentralized storage. Users can easily explore and use various applications and services based on blockchain technology, further promoting the popularity and development of the Web3 industry.

Host: Okay. It is known that there are many DID products in the industry. What is the difference of Web3ite Pass, and what are its competitive advantages? Could you elaborate on that? Charlie Chen: The main function of Web3ite Pass is on-chain domain names, but the main difference between it and other DID domain names such as ENS and BNB is that it strengthens the connection between on-chain and off-chain information. Unlike other domain names, itself is a Web2 domain, so it is not a mapping domain. Simply put, we support users' suffix domain names, such as, which can be resolved and viewed in the front-end browser.
In other words, once users register their domain name, they can truly use it to build a website. The complementary display homepage and on-chain domain name functionality enrich the identity information of on-chain domain names.


Personal Site:

The personal page also supports face sculpting. This is my personal homepage, and I will take some time to enrich the content of each site, including our AMA sharing session records, some interesting ideas, and NFT collections, all of which will be displayed on this interface. You are welcome to visit.

You can also scan the QR code on my business card to follow my page. In the future, we hope that everyone can showcase their industry nameplate. In the second quarter, we will improve our sharing function and we are considering internal parsing of external links such as articles, videos, and NFT collections. Users will be able to share content on social media with just one click of a URL! Sharing on platforms such as Twitter, Discord, and Telegram will become even easier! In addition to personal pages, also welcomes project partners in the Web3 ecosystem to join and collaborate with us.

The above image is an example of an organization page. On the organization page, you can customize your logo, define the site name, and attach all your off-chain information. This feature can replace Linktree and best of all, it's free! Currently, Linktree charges for this type of feature. However, Web3ite Pass is integrated into the domain service.

Let me explain what off-chain information means as it may sound confusing. Off-chain information refers to all the portals, social media platforms, and personal pages we currently use.

If you're a content creator or blogger, you may have similar concerns. There are so many platforms where you can showcase your content, like WeChat official accounts, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, Kuaishou, Baijia, and more. Therefore, on the organization page, whether you're an organization or an individual, you can integrate all your external links onto one page to create a personalized business card for external display.

Our official organization page also supports video analysis in addition to article integration and link integration.

e.g. We support direct linking and playing of YouTube videos on our organization pages.

e.g. Web3ite Pass supports NFT collection display,

And even physical stores have chosen to use it as their official website. They no longer need to pay for traditional domain name renewal and maintenance every year. We have found that this feature is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual brands.

e.g. A bubble tea shop in the UK that has integrated information from the food delivery platform e.g. Deliveroo.

e.g. A homepage of a physical pipe store in South Korea, which integrates its address and product catalogue here.

Web3 native projects are even more impressive.

KOLs can choose to generate a one-click business card, which allows friends, customers, and communities to scan the QR code to view on-chain and off-chain behaviors. Furthermore, our personal and organizational pages can also establish a secondary management system that supports team and community content collaboration.

Host: You just mentioned that the personal wallet can initiate an on-chain identity. Could you explain this in more detail for our audience to better understand?

Charlie Chen: Yes. Essentially, it's about truly embedding the payment scenario into the Web3 social context.

Technically speaking, this function is thanks to the integration with ENS. Friends who have registered Web3ite domain names can now use their domain names as on-chain identities in applications that enable ENS. This means that you can enter "" in the address box and transfer money to the wallet address associated with that name.

We believe that on-chain domain name functionality is an important step in bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, and we believe that this is a crucial step for the adoption of Web3 global applications in the future.

However, from the current perspective, users can enjoy the following benefits through this new feature:

  1. Improved security: Smart contract addresses are usually long and difficult to remember, making them vulnerable to phishing attacks and accidental operations. By setting the smart contract address as domain name, it is easier to remember and identify. This is similar to ENS and other on-chain domain names. In addition, the domain name allows users to directly access the contract address and confirm its authenticity through social media binding, official certification, and other information displayed on the webpage.

  2. Convenient information retrieval: When searching for records on the blockchain explorer or other platforms, users may want to know the information related to the project or application associated with the smart contract. If the contract address is an domain name, users can quickly access the information by visiting the corresponding link.
    Of course, users currently need to manually set this step up themselves. For specific instructions, please refer to this article on the official website:
    Also, please note that although we do not need to renew the domain name annually, users need to manually activate it every year to ensure account activity. Although the domain name itself has liquidity value, to put it plainly, there is room for speculation and arbitrage. However, we hope to truly build a traffic ecosystem and empower your personal and organizational brands with decentralized domain names to create value.

Host: You mentioned earlier that serves as an information aggregator. How does this part of the functionality manifest itself?

Charlie Chen: The first part is through our Space product features. For example, the Ethereum Shapella upgrade topic. We will officially aggregate some hot content, noteworthy on-chain and off-chain information sources through the topic NFT homepage, to help everyone integrate hot topic information. For example:

It can also rely on the co-construction of online users.

Although the official release of's domain name sales has not yet started, we have only done one round of early bird registration and an ongoing flash sale event. Without conducting large-scale promotions, we have already welcomed nearly 1500 registered users.

In the community, users have various expectations and brainstorms for the domain name and the direction of various sites. We will not limit how users should use this domain name or website. According to the current development of the ecosystem, the overall trend is showing a diverse but vibrant state.

From the official perspective, at this stage, we will focus on and encourage the integration of some Web3-native content, such as public chain information, events, news, and data consulting.

However, from the user's perspective, users can integrate the information they care about in any form. I have noticed that many domains similar to fashion, styling, and online courses have been snapped up. Therefore, the future traffic track may be very diverse and prosperous, which is also our vision for building a bridge for the transformation from Web2 to Web3.

You can visit to learn more about the ecosystem's homepage and get further inspiration.

Host: Okay! Many new friends have recently joined us and may not be familiar enough with the domain name sales process. Could you please introduce how to purchase Web3ite and tell us more about the flash sale activity we are currently conducting?

Charlie Chen: Sure. As the public sale phase has not yet started, the ways to obtain domain names are currently quite limited. The following are the ways to obtain domain names:

1: Early bird registration. We may open unlimited early bird sales before the public sale, so please follow the community and official channels for announcements.
Here are our official information channels:
Official announcement page:
Global community:
We will also make announcements in the Chinese community in a timely manner. Please pay attention to it.

2:The flash sale activity "Pop-up sale" focuses on selecting special or valuable domain names for public sale. This activity not only takes place before public sales, but also after the start of public sales for some future trending keywords.
Pop-up page (temporarily closed):

3: Collaboration and Community Events: We regularly organize community-building activities such as invitations to join groups, content sharing, Q&A sessions, and suggestions, and occasionally offer airdrop rewards. Please stay tuned for our official announcements regarding collaboration partners and community events.

At this stage, we are not offering special pricing for these domain names based on their special characteristics, and the pricing is based on the early bird discount. We hope everyone will register and cherish them.

Next, let me explain the pricing system for purchasing domain names with our Web3ite Pass. Basically, users can register any domain name with the suffix, with three or more characters, and pricing varies according to the number of characters.

We currently use a lifetime pricing system!
• In other words, domain names are unique, so if they have already been taken, they cannot be purchased;
• Some names are in a reserved state (mostly project names) for the purpose of brand intellectual property protection and are not available for use for the time being. Names must comply with naming rules.
• After purchase, the owner can use the domain name permanently.
• However, within one year after the last purchase or renewal, the owner must manually renew the domain name (free of charge) within a 30-day grace period. Otherwise, the domain name will be released for others to purchase.

Please note these rules. Currently, we are in the early bird period, and the original prices are synchronized for everyone.

At this stage, we are offering a discount of 90% off the original price for our domain registration. This is based on several considerations:

  1. Our product is still in need of improvement, so we hope to gradually increase the price as the product becomes more complete, while early adopters can enjoy the benefits of growth.

  2. We want to maintain a friendly entry threshold. If it were completely free, it might attract a large number of invalid registrations. We hope that registered users can actually benefit from registering domains, and use this tool to empower their lives and work.

Finally, I would like to add a third point, which is a low-threshold way to obtain domain names.
Please continue to follow our community and our project partners for collaborative activities. We will release invitations to join groups, forward content, and participate in Q&A and suggestion sessions from time to time. Following the end of the presentation, we will move on to the Q&A session. We will select three questions to answer and provide discount coupons worth 300, 100, and 10 USD respectively (3d, 4d, and 5d). Users can choose to use the coupons in the flash sale or contact our project ambassador in advance to whitelist and reserve the desired domain names.

Please note that the coupon validity period is one year, but the registration deadline for the whitelist is only two weeks.

Host: Thank you all for attending today's event. Please continue to follow us for updates. We will airdrop rewards for excellent answers, so feel free to participate in discussions and share your thoughts. See you next time.

Contact information:

Official announcement page:

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