Web3ite Pass Mainnet Launch & Reward Marathon
December 26th, 2022

Dear Web3 users,

Merry Christmas! 🎄 In this joyful holiday season, we're proud to announce that our first product - Web3ite Pass - is now officially launched on the mainnet!

Web3ite Pass is the certificate NFT of the Web3.com ecosystem. The name Web3ite is a combination of Web3 and Website, representing the fusion of Web3 and tradition. Each Web3ite Pass is an Ethereum ERC-721 NFT and corresponds to a unique "web3.com" domain name, e.g. an "abc" Pass corresponds to "abc.web3.com".

We've created Web3ite Pass to connect on-chain and off-chain domain name services and to enable the displaying of personal/project content in Web3. As a vital infrastructure of the Internet, the traditional domain name system enjoys wide consensus and recognition, and we believe that Web3 cannot and should not leave this consensus behind. Web3ite Pass aims to integrate the consensus of DNS in the off-chain world into Web3, and gives the domains unprecedented value with the characteristics of blockchain.

If you are a Web3ite Pass holder, here are the benefits you can or will enjoy at the initial stage:

Yourname.web3.com - your unique Web3 profile

Web3ite Pass holders can create and edit a web3.com showcase page with the same name. For example, if you choose the name "abc" and mint a Web3ite Pass, you can own and manage the "abc.web3.com" page, which can be used as your digital name card with integrated links and more. The Web3.com domain names are easy to remember, easy to use and can automatically grab the attention of every explorer in the blockchain industry. It can be used as a personal name card, a project/organization profile, or a showcase page for curated, thematic content.

At the current stage, you can edit and display content such as names, introductions, blockchain addresses, content links, etc. In the future, the functions will be expanded for the different needs of individual users, projects and organizations, including multi-dimensional on-chain and off-chain information.

Transfer with Yourname.web3.com

Web3.com is a traditional DNS domain name that is not registered on the blockchain, however, with the help of some existing on-chain infrastructure, it builds a bridge to the on-chain world for traditional domain names. On the Ethereum mainnet, web3.com will be registered with the ENS protocol, allowing Web3ite Pass holders to use their web3.com domains as their on-chain identities in ENS-enabled Apps. For example, input "yourname.web3.com" in the address box, and then you can transfer money to the wallet address associated with the name.

Web3ite Pass is not limited to the Ethereum ecosystem. We will continue to explore its deployment with other blockchains, help build on-chain identities that integrate data from multiple chains, and serve individual, project and organization users' needs with innovative products.

@web3.com email service and more!

We are also planning for the product of @web3.com email account service to add more value to the Web3ite Pass, and exploring other forms of integration and development.

🎅Let’s Celebrate!

To celebrate the debut of Web3ite Pass, we are running a Web3.com Rewards Marathon during this holiday season!

The marathon will last for approximately 2 weeks, consisting of a series of sub-activities that allow users to gain TOKEN rewards or GIFTs by completing some simple tasks.

Check out our event page Christmas.web3.com to know the details and start the celebration!

Note: Only brands with reserved names can mint their Web3ite Pass now. For the following early bird scheme, please stay tuned by following our Twitter or joining our Discord channel!

About Web3.com

Web3.com is a Web3 information aggregation service, dedicated to guiding and serving new and experienced users in the vastness of Web3 while synthesizing and displaying all kinds of information available on- and off-chain. Through Web3.com, anyone and anything in the Web3 world can interconnect and explore the gigantic network that goes along the Web3 paradigm and spirit.

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