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August 07
区块链游戏发源于2017年的Crypto Kitties(加密猫),在2021年通过Axie Infinity达到巅峰,2021年8月,Axie Infinity的单月收入达到了3.34亿美元,远超同期《王者荣耀》2.31亿美元的收入规模,2022年2月,Axie Infinity的NFT历史销售额突破了40亿美元,也成为了全球首款销售额破40亿的NFT游戏。Axie Infinity 掀起了Play to Earn的GameFi模式的狂潮,多款链游问世,但是因为进入门槛高、游戏生命周期短、脚本玩家多、大制作游戏开发周期长和游戏性低等问题,尚未再有 200万DAU级别的链游出现。而Axie Infinity自身也因为代币经济不可持续、真实玩家很难入场等问题,导致新增玩家数量不断下降,进入死亡螺旋,再加上今年3月的黑客攻击事件,彻底宣告了GameFi旧王的陨落。在旧王陨落的同时,一款主打Move to Earn 的GameFi新星—StepN缓缓升起。StepN在半年内达到接近百万 DAU,ATH时市值突破 10 亿美元,获红杉、币安等大资本的青睐,当之无愧2022H1最火的Web3应用之一。
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How does Gitcoin Grow Open Source

December 28
From the Free Software Movement led by Richard Stallman, to The Cathedral & The Bazaar written by Eric Raymond, to Mozilla and Linux, as well as recent blockchain open source projects such as Ethereum, open source(OS) has steadily empowered the whole society and brought us today's digital infrastructure with low cost and flexible customization. Although OS is used everywhere, it is ignored that maintaining OS requires enormous energy and time from developers who usually spend their spare time contributing to the OS. Typically, developers are financially motivated to build and maintain OS (whether via direct payment or building reputation and skills for future work)\[1]. However, open source software(OSS) developers have not always been properly incentivized for their input. A survey of 400 developers conducted by Tidelift shows that 46% of open source contributors don't get paid, and 26% of them earn just over $1,000 a year. The lack of proper and sustainable incentive mechanisms leads to code errors, security vulnerabilities, service outages and a lack of continuous maintenance, like the Heartbleed bug of OpenSSL in 2014. Therefore, how to motivate the developers over the long term is the key to the development of OSS.