January 12th, 2022

As the metaverse expands, so do the challenges in working with data across multiple chains, locations, and platforms. The ability to organize and work with metaverse data -- or metadata -- will be critical for both developers in their efforts to create better digital worlds in Web3. 

For the metaverse to scale and decentralized apps to function seamlessly, there needs to be a secure and reliable third-party data collaboration platform.

The Public Onchain Database (POD) is here to meet those needs, being the very first comprehensive database for metadata. POD will be the fundamental infrastructure for data collaboration in the metaverse that will serve developers, projects, and users alike. We want to provide sophisticated and useful data solutions for metaverse applications built across various blockchains.

From data collaboration tools to robots and automation, POD is creating a rich data ecosystem for metaverse and Web3 users.