Access NFTs for a Follistatin Plasmid Phase I clinical trial in Prospera ZEDE, Honduras

Follistatin is part of a natural metabolic pathway for regulating muscle, bone, and fat balance. Higher follistatin levels correlate with more muscle mass, higher bone density, and lower bodyfat. Follistatin is also a metabolic regulator: Higher follistatin levels mean a shift from oxidative phosphorylation to glycolosis, higher insulin sensitivity and sufficiency, improved cholesterol markers, and a reduction in chronic inflammation in all body tissues. Follistatin has been observed to improve human skin and hair quality.

Follistatin decreases fatiguability, chronic inflammation, and body fat while increasing muscle mass and bone density. Follistatin upregulates FOXO3 transcription pathway increasing cellular autophagy, DNA repair, and response to metabolic stress. All of these factors combine to increase healthy mouse lifespan by 34%.

Follistatin is a naturally occurring protein in mammals. Many inject follistatin for a variety of health and morphological reasons. However, follistatin's short half-life of <1.5 hours means that multiple injections are needed per day to maintain an effect.

Follistatin gene therapy permits a sustained effect, and has been used to successfully treat children with muscular dystrophy. Evidence suggests it could be helpful in slowing or stopping the progression of ALS. Follistatin gene therapy is also likely to be of benefit to the elderly — to reduce frailty and mitigate the sarcopenia (muscle loss) which is commonly observed in old age.

This clinical trial will commence after IRB approval, will take place in Prospera. The gene therapy will be administered by an American board-certified physician. This trial will require each participant to be in good health and to show up at a Quest blood draw site and receive a DEXA body image scanning report at -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 months. Participants must pay for their own tests. If 5 out of the 7 tests are provided, the participant will receive .5 ETH following the study's conclusion. If all 7 are provided, the participant will receive 1 ETH.

Blood draws performed by Quest will provide:

  1. LDL-particle count & HDL cholesterol
  2. Fasting glucose and insulin concentration
  3. Circulating LH and FSH
  4. Inflammation/stress markers: hs-CRP, homocysteine, cortisol

A full epigenetic and telomere panel will be run before and after including Horvath clock calculations and DunedInPoAm instantaneous rate of aging determination by TruDiagnostic.

And finally, DEXA scanning is an imaging technique that accurately and precisely determines the quantity of muscle, bone, and fat in each part of your body.

The bearer of this NFT is entitled to have their application to this trial reviewed by our medical staff.

Contraindications include:

  1. History of liver, esophagus, skin, prostate, or stomach cancer.
  2. Pregnancy

If selected, participant's lodging while on Roatan will be provided for, IF they are able to travel during this or future cohorts. Participant may also visit the clinic independently. The initial cohort is expected to travel in mid 2022.

Acquiring diagnostic tests may be difficult outside of US.

Minicircle Prospera reserves the right to deny your application on any basis.

This NFT is transferrable and refundable in the event of a denied application.

Once purchased, contact to set up the medical screening interview.

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