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Mapping the NFT Tools

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) craze is far from over as more and more companies and celebrities jump into this space. Millions of art enthusiasts and people are attracted by NFTs due to several factors like the unique metadata about each asset, and information about the ownership. However, it has been hard for an NFT owner or trader to identify the legitimacy or value of digital art, music, and so on in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Hence, analytical tools are needed to assist us in making more well-educated decisions within this space. In this article, we’ll delve into the NFT tools or platforms, excluding the trading platforms, during the process of choosing the NFTs.
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万字长文捕获 ZK Rollup 时代价值|ZONFF Research

导读:以太坊即将迎来它的 Layer 2 时代,而在所有 L2 扩容技术中 ZK Rollup 是最好的解决方案之一。零知识证明技术加上 Rollup 扩容技术能够擦出什么样的火花?ZK Rollup 比其他扩容技术好在哪里?如何才能被快速地采用?以投资的眼光看,ZK Rollup 时代价值又如何捕获,会产生什么样的创新应用?希望本文的论述能够给你带来一些启发。