Genesis Mining Campaign is Extended! 🤩

Hey Derps! 🤪Yes, you read that right! Before anything else, what’s up derps? The 69-day period of our Genesis Campaign is coming to an end. 😢 But we feel and hear you, derps! As our community continues to grow, we want them to have a little more fun in trading and participating in this marvelous campaign 😉


As some of the previously allocated genesis pools were not used in the initial 69 days campaign period, the team has decided to extend the genesis mining from October 10 - November 20, 2023. (The $ DERP-related pools will then be allocated to future campaigns after the token launch).

That being said, we will extend our Genesis Mining with a 0.4% token allocation, which equals $40,000 worth of airdrop rewards! 🥳

Check out 👇 for the details!


LP Pools

As mentioned above, DerpDEX’s Genesis Mining has that secret sauce to supercharge LP gains and boost that APR% like crazy and we’ve seen it!

Take advantage of the 3-4-digit APR and get a chance TO WIN $40,000 WORTH OF AIRDROPS by depositing your capital into DerpDEX!


  1. How will the extended genesis mining impact the previous one? A: It's separate campaigns with set dates and rewards. So there’s no impact on the previous campaign reward.

  2. Do I need to withdraw my LP from previous pools and re-deposit for the extended one? A: No. If you want to continue earning, you can just leave your LP and the rewards will be based on the snapshot for the extended campaign.

  3. Are there any rules changing vs. the previous genesis mining? A: For more details on the rules of genesis mining, it will remain the same and please visit the previous campaign details below:

  4. Wen reward distribution? A: Same as all the airdrops from other campaigns, rewards are claimable on Q4 of 2023. Pls refer to the roadmap here:

Exciting times, right?! 🚀

But wait, don’t leave yet. There’s more!

Because we are also extending our Genesis Booster Campaign on Galxe for ONE MONTH! 🌟

❓ Why extend it, too?

🙋‍♀️This is to give more chances to our new derps or even old derps who need more time! Remember that as long as you collect more than 10 OATS as we will be adding more weekly campaigns in this extension, you will be eligible for the GRAND RAFFLE of $6000 worth of airdrop to 100 WINNERS.

🙋‍♀️Don’t forget that the weekly raffle of $69 worth of airdrops for 10 winners will still be available, too!

⛓ Genesis Booster Campaign:

🗓 EXTENDED! October 10th - November 20th, 2023

It’s raining prizes over prizes, you get those accumulated airdrops! Let’s Derp It!

😙 About DerpDEX

DerpDEX combines the best of web3: the perfect blend of “DeFi + memes + NFTs” powering the meme movement on L2 zkSync network. By restoring the old glory of derps as internet sensations designed to entertain degens worldwide, we are making derps great again.

Trade, earn, stake, and launch crypto with the most ̶a̶u̶t̶i̶s̶t̶i̶c̶ best DEX on the internet.

Make derp great again! 😉

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