September 13th, 2022

Your mother lied, you don’t need a home. Anchorless living, that’s what they call it, literally “living without an anchor”. One of the magic tricks remote working made possible.

Tulum, Guadalajara, Geres or Bad Gastein? They are not Somali swear words, they are your next home, which is actually not a home but much more. Your next office is not an office. The world is filling up with digital nomads who work remotely and the opportunities for them are growing too.

40% of employees think they will work like this in the future.

Where there is demand, there is also supply and there, in 2015, Selina was born (it joined Remote Year). As of now, it is one of the most interesting “hotel” companies in the world. In fact, it has 116 facilities, in over 20 countries, scattered around the world. Proudly claims to appeal to economically conscious, rigorously digital nomads, millennials and gen Z.

September 6th, 2022

There has been talked of Meta and metaverse everywhere for weeks. There are those who expect to live in a video game and those who imagine a future of lobotomized zombies wearing viewers. The only world we at TheMillennial see is a new world full of job opportunities for millennials and Gen Z. What jobs?

We are not talking about noble jobs, NFT miners, 3D woodcutters, or dark web charcoal burners. No, we are talking about ordinary people’s jobs; what will happen to McDonald’s employees or JustEat riders? We are talking about millennials who did not go to university (or who did a Mickey Mouse degree course).

The digital drug dealer

The hologramatic evolution of your pusher on Telegram. We all know that Zuckerberg is a Puritan who censors anything that might upset your mother. It follows that any reference to drugs and sex will be swept away from the metaverse. We know that where there is prohibitionism there is a crime.